December 24, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas...

(So this didn't actually happen today, but just a couple days ago...)
Hailey and Jack helped me bake a cake for my mom and dad's Merry-Mug Party!This is what it turned out like!
We also spent all day Saturday baking cookies for "Santa"
Hailey made this shirt in preschool last year, it's a reindeer :-) Here is the shrit that Jack got to make in his class. (Christmas tree if you can't tell)
Making funny faces with Daddy last night before we went to church! these are really from "the night before Christmas!"

Uncle Bubba set up a new train set for the kids to play with! They had so much fun watching it, they also could use the remote to make it go forwards and backwards
Then Papa took them for a ride on the John Deer "tractor"'s really the lawnmower, but to my kids, it's the tractor!!
Hailey had to steer, and seriously she did. She's really a good driver!

Then it was off to our house to get into our PJ's to get ready for
SANTA CLOSET (as Jack would say)

Mommy, Hailey, Pedro, and Jack

Dudlee (my mom's dog) & Pedro are best buds!!

Now it's time to set out Santa's cookies and Milk. I asked Hailey if we could leave him some eggnog and she said no, he only like's milk!

Hailey and Jack made reindeer food at preschool (it's dry oatmeal with glitter). We sprinkled it in the front yard before they went to bed so the reindeer could have a snack while Santa is busy inside tonight!!

Hailey says her's is right here!

Jack didn't want to go very far into the grass, in fact he never left the sidewalk :-)
Good job buddy....those reindeer are going to love that snack!

Then we were off the bed to read Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree (great book)
Hope you had a great night too!

Well....I stayed up so long doing this post that Santa has already's the evidence!

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Aric and Amber said...

Your ornament cake is so cute! I'm going to have to steal that idea next year!!!!