February 13, 2008

Hailey's Trip to the Postoffice

Hailey's class went to the postoffice Monday...(I should have posted these sooner, but we've been busy!) She was really excited about getting to mail her Valentine to Granma and Papa! She made it all by herself and even got to pick out the picture to put inside :-)Isn't she sweet?!? She was seriously paying attention.Here is the class with the postoffice lady!! Hailey and Ben are the two on the right. Ben is Ms. Jennifer's son (Jack's teacher). The two of them can turn that class upside down!Here is our shadow picture with Hailey! She thought it was so cool and then immediatly wanted to run along to catch up with her friends! See ya mom and dad!! I guess we're not so cool anymore and the friends are starting to come in first place :-) Back to class! It was recess time :-) Yeah!! Here is a video of Hailey dropping her Valentine in the BIG BLUE Mailbox!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day with someone they love...wether it be a spouse, child, friend, pet....doesn't matter as long as they love you back :-)


Sarah said...

That is a great picture of Hailey. She looks so grown up.

Tabby said...

I was thinking the same thing! She does look grownup...yay Hailey! Congratulations on the offer on your house! Have fun at your "moving party" tommorrow!