February 8, 2008

Post Office and Presidents

Yesterday Jack's class took a field trip to the Centerville Post Office. It's this little old building, really small, but perfect for thier 2yr old class! They made special Valentine's to send and now it was time to mail them!

We got to walk over since the weather was so nice! It's just a few yards away and we only have to walk through the field.
Here we are with Ralston and Ms. Sarah

This is my favorite...I thought it was really cute! See...Daddy was there! He was just the camera man.
So we made it! Now we're all standing in line while Ms. Jennifer tells us what happens when you put the letter in the slot :-)Jack's turn!! He loves him some Ms. Jennifer! We're hoping she'll be a teacher at their elementary school next year! We'll have to wait and see.Now it's Ralston's turn! I just love that they are in class together! They are best buddies and next year we'll have to make sure they have the same teacher again...too much fun!Here is the best we could do for a class picture!! Jack didn't want to stand up against the porch!
That afternoon Grandma brought Hailey and Jack a little Valentine bucket filled with goodies! While they were enjoing them I started asking Hailey about George Washington and Abe Linclon. I had noticed she had cut out pictures of them in her class. She then told us about George and the cherry tree and that Abe Linclon wrote the "SpettiesBerger Address" We laughed so hard!! I got a little video of her but I think she says it better in it.


Tabby said...

that was too cute! she will be so glad you took that video when she gets older! We miss you guys! Give the kids a hug for us and tell Mama Jan and Mr.Steve we said hello!!

Sarah said...

You got some great pictures of the post office trip. I love the shadow picture. Hailey's video is so funny and cute. I'm done.