February 21, 2008

Just some pictures...

Dinning Room....we still haven't started hanging anything on the walls.
Living Room...we put the love seat on the wall that I'm standing up against and the entertainment center is across from the couch.
Breakfast-nook....no table yet...may be a while before we decide to get one. Doorway leads to foyer and Front door.
I'll get pics of the kids rooms and our room tomorrow!
We got a guy to fix our little things from our home inspection at the other house. He's going to take care of everything and should be done this weekend. All we have left is the termite letter and waiting for the appraisal.


Aric and Amber said...

I'm so impressed. Maybe it's b/c the walls were already painted, I don't know. It looks amazing with your furniture in it, and I"m with you. I LOVE the kitchen floor, the whole kitchen looks great from the pictures.

Dawn said...

Wow, you are getting your house fixed up all nice. I knew you would. You have to make it YOURS, then you'll feel at home. I can tell you've been very busy! :D But, don't stress out about getting it all done in a hurry. You'll be there a long time!

C YA! ;-)

Tabby said...

It's beautiful! I love the floors in the kitchen!

Shannon said...

Lookin' Good, as expected! =)