April 25, 2008

Field Trip!

Hailey's class went on an awesome field trip to The Rock Ranch this past Wednesday! She rode the bus for the 1 hour trip, I drove and met her there.
First stop...the jolly jump!We didn't think the kids were going to get off of this...it was so cool and tons of fun!It was a beautiful day to be out on this farm...it is a 1250 acre working cattle farm, owned by S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A. After we got out all our jumping beans we heading over to Joe the compost guy. He taught the kids all about the importance of worms! And then the best part was touching them :-)Hailey did so good listening at all the little stations...Here we learned all about seeds.They planted a green bean seed!Next was this 80+ year old Pecan tree...they learned all about what trees give us and how to tell how old they are. Hailey had fun sitting on the little tree stumps!See how she's holding her other eye closed?!? So funny :-) Then we went to Farmland...this is what the kids were really waiting for...the animals!
First we saw a big pig.Then this cute little pony...Hailey got to pet it!
This donkey was named Lucy. We learned that donkeys can hear 5 miles away and have the marking of a cross down their back! You can see the side of it in this picture running down her shoulder, the rest of it runs down her back. Then we got to feed the goats! They were super friendly!!These babies had just been born that morning!! So cute! Another cute pair...there are possums, their mom had been hit by a car the day before and the ranch rescued them from her pouch along with four other babies. Then we got to ride on this HUGE tractor ride!! It took us all over the ranch.
This is Mr. Tom, our tractor driver! Here's the cows! We even had to stop to let a few pass! It was lots of fun!! We will definatly go back!!

The Rock Ranch


Andrea said...

Look like the field trip was a lot of fun. You've been posting a lot lately...I'm so jealous. My computer's messed up right now so I can't post anything with pictures. Nirav was so stubborn for a long time and tried to fix it himself. I think now he's finally going to let me take the computer somewhere to get fixed. I can't wait!

Dawn said...

The Rock Ranch looks like so much fun. I've never heard of it before. I'm glad Hailey had a good time! :D

Aric and Amber said...


Um, I want to know what a possum is. We saw this show where this girl had worms in her mouth and dirt. It was funny. Wish you were here, you can come visit anytime you want! (My mommy said it was ok).

Love, Sage

Tabby said...

Looks like so much fun! Hailey is looking so grown up!

Sarah said...

What a great field trip. I can't wait until Ralston and Jack go next year. Hailey is such a big girl riding the bus. That is a long trip for a kid.