April 24, 2008


Some of you know that Darren is on the SWAT team. Well yesterday we had a big event and SWAT got acctivated! Some guy was getting a notice for a code violation (he had some run down cars in his yard and had been given notices before) Well he SHOT the code officer, who is a police officer!! Hello...how stupid?? Then he of course baricaded himself in his house for 10 hours or so and SWAT, GBI, Sherrif Dept., and a Bomb Squad all came in. I said they should have just flash bomed the house and gotten it over with in like 30 minutes (I mean he shot a cop!) but I'm not in charge. Anyway....it is all over now and no one else got hurt. The code officer is in stable condition but I believe he will have to have surgery. I attached link to a good news video. You can see the SWAT team in most of the shots. They are the guys wearing the helments and green vests. I'll have to ask Darren where he is...they all look the same to me :-) CLICK HERE! and then click on "watch video"


Aric and Amber said...

Darren is so cool. I love your attitude, "they should have just...but i'm not in charge."

Why aren't we in charge? We would do such a great job.

Vader's Mom said...

I feel your pain. I think we have much better ideas and would have handled that much differently.

Glad Darren is safe though!!