April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools!

So I don't have any pranks to pull, (like Amber!) Just catching up on my blog :-} Hope everyone had a great weekend. Darren was off ALL THREE DAYS! It was amazing and kind of wierd at the same time :-) But even though he was off I think they tried to call him in about 5 times just on Friday alone! Ahhhh the life of a cop....we even got a call at 3:47 A.M. Saturday morning wanting him to come in due to a fatal car accident. He was so asleep he doesn't remember me giving him the phone and him saying, "no, that's okay" Luckly it was optional whether or not he wanted the overtime because he did not get up and go in. I had to prove it to him on the caller ID the next morning :-}

Today was fun! Ralston and Riley came over while Sarah went and got her hair cut by Melissa! It is so cute!! I can't wait till she puts a picture up on her blog so everybody can see it!! I'll just say it is so different that Jack stood in the hallway and just stared at her...he didn't recognize her! I love it :-) She looks so good!!

Ralston, Jack, and Hailey riding in the Jeep. Ralston did get to drive and had so much fun!

Little Riley had a blast running after the kids!

He caught up when the Jeep ran out of batteries and hopped right in :-)

Here's my Pedro catching some sun.

We finally figured out what the three little trees were in the back yard. They are cherry trees! They are blooming right now and are so pretty! We still have two mystery trees that I'll have to wait till their leaves come in a little more to figure out.

I caught a blue bird through the kitchen window this morning. Looks like he was gathering some stuff to make a nest :-)

And all the azelias are blooming like crazy...really pretty...too bad they only stay that way for a few more weeks and then it's just green bushes for the rest of the year. But maybe we'll get surprised with something else that pops up in the yard. It's been fun seeing what happens next.


Tabby said...

That's so cool that you got pictures of that blue jay in your yard! I can't wait to see Sarah's new 'do! Also, I know I've said this before, but I just can't believe what a big kid Riley is now. When we left he was still a baby, and now he's a toddler running around with all the other big kids....I bet it is so cute. Anyway, I'll stop pining now...I'm so glad we all have blogs so I can keep up with all of you...I miss you guys so much!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the children playing in the Jeep. The one of all four of them is precious.
Yes, that is a Blue Jay and you got a great picture. I think I saw a Bluebird yesterday. He landed on the birdhouse, but it is already occupied by the Nuthatch.
We are really looking forward to this week-end.Grandma

Aric and Amber said...

I LOVE azaelas or how ever you spell it! And your cherry trees are so cute too!

Fun pics, I wish my kids were there too!

Stacia said...

Yes, I did not take the time to spell check azaleas, but I think you spelled it better than I did :-)

I wish your kids were here too!

Dawn said...

As I said before, you have a gorgeous backyard! You are SOOOO lucky!

Sarah said...

The kids had so much fun at your house yesterday. Ralston was talking about it all evening. I love the picture with all of them in the jeep. Your yard looks beautiful with everything in bloom. Thanks for watching my babies.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the comment! It's fun to know who's reading our blog. Enjoy the chili...it's SOOOOO yummy!

Andrea said...

Nirav and I are still planning on fixing our backyard up. I wish I could just steal yours. :-) Your pictures are beautiful.