June 30, 2008

Weekend Update...with videos

We went to Monkey Joe's and the kids had a blast!! It was a great way to spend the morning with Daddy on his day off. We ate pizza there and then headed to Baskin Robins for their $1 scoop day for our treat! Yummy!! Check out the video of Jack and Hailey going down the slide!

After that ....we let the kids 'drive' their Jeep over to Grandma and Papa's house while we took Pedro on a walk. They thought that was the coolest thing ever!!

After church on Sunday was little Ava's funeral service. It was very sweet and Kristen looked much better. She is starting to heal (physically). She is walking around and her arm is no longer in a sling. I just continue to ask for prayers for her and the family as they start the healing process for all the emotional stuff that goes along with this tragedy.

Jack made me very proud at evening services...it was song service and he sang 'one song' with Papa!! It was Blue Sky's and Rainbows and he did such a great job!! I videoed the special event since Darren was working. Enjoy...it melts my heart every time! You can hear Hailey too :-)

Then after evening services we headed over to Grandma's for a little pool party in honor of Uncle Bubba! He is turning 19 TODAY!! There was lots of good grilled burgers and hot dogs, cake, ice cream and of course....Bubba Teeth! They were some of the party favors and Jack tried his best to fit them in his mouth...he did pretty good!

Happy Birthday Tyler!! We love you so much and wish you a very happy year 19!! You are a great little brother and uncle!


Twin Mommy said...

Hey! The video of them singing at church is cute. I've got to learn how to do videos on my blog!

Andrea said...

Jack was so cute and Hailey too! She was so proud of her little brother. Monkey Joe's is the best place ever. Caleb is still talking about it. I'm glad Tyler had a great birthday. Looks like you had a full weekend.

Dawn said...

You had a busy weekend!

Jack did such a great job leading Blue Skies and Rainbows! He was singing the whole time! Allyson is even more convinced that he'll be the guy for her! :D

Tabby said...

Yay for Jack! He is a great little song leader! Where was that picture of the cross taken?

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Tyler!

Stacia said...

The cross was at the cemetary where Kristin's baby was burried. We had to have the service inside one of the buildings on site due to the weather.

Aric and Amber said...

Remember me? The girl that used to leave comments! :)

I tried to copy and paste your survey, but the mouse on a mac is a pain in the rear. I am a pc girl stuck on a mac.

I love your third generation song leader!!!!

Sarah said...

I know you are so proud of your baby boy. I wish we had been there to see him.

Happy Birthday, Tyler!