September 20, 2008

Jack took Daddy for "Show & Tell"

This week at Jack's preschool the kids were learning all about their community. Part of that was learning about policemen, firemen etc.... The director asked Darren if he would come and tell the kids all about what a police man does and how they are here to help. Of course he said yes!!
He visited each class and told them all about his gear that he wears everyday. A lot of the boys wanted to know if he catches 'bad guys' :-) He let them pass around his flashlight and handcuffs. He even showed them his taser and the importance of gun safety. He made sure to explain that if they ever see a gun to never touch it and go get a grown up. Then each class got to go outside to see his police car! They all took pictures and talked about dialing 911 if they were in trouble.
He showed them the inside (hopefully none of them will see the back seat of a cop car again!) He also turned on the lights and of course the siren!! They all covered their ears and squealed!!
This was Jack's class! (He's in the gray shirt in the middle) They all told him their names and asked great questions. In every class there was always a little girl that was like the little mommy of the class and would speak for all the 'non speakers'! Too funny! Us girls start young :-)
Little Riley came too! See him sporting his Warner Robins Jr. Police Officer badge!?! Caleb, Ralston, and Jack listening to Mr. Darren talk about being a police man! Jack's K-3 class in front of the police car!
Later that evening we went to Hailey's school for 'Hot-Dog we're Reading' night!! The book fair was this week so the PTO hosted this night all about reading with your child. Then we were treated to a hot dog dinner. We went to a classroom to have a book read aloud to us and then found this guy in the hallway. (a little scary, I know) But the kids loved him! He's some character from a chapter book...he's like a secret agent mouse or something like that :-) We are not that far along in reading yet to know who he is! (Dawn maybe you know!) Then we all went to the cafeteria for our hotdog dinner. The kids had a blast!! Chips, soda, granola bars and hotdog...I mean what could be better than that?!? They had a slideshow going of kids from the school reading so Hailey enjoyed watching that and looking for people she recognized. Even Ms. McAllister visited with us for a while and we took some pretty funny pictures that the resource coordinator got on her camera that I'm sure will show up somewhere in the near future!! Hailey sure loves her school and I am so happy that she does! Earlier that day (while Daddy was at Jack's school...) Grandma took Hailey to her book fair and she made out like a bandit! I gave her $10 but when you take your Grandma you pretty much get to pick out whatever you want :-) Thanks Grandma for all our new books!! Hailey and Jack are both enjoying them :-)


Vader's Mom said...

I got to visit our local jail as a child through our summer reading program. The officer wasn't too bright and took us in the drunk tank (and left us there for a while). I hope to never ever go back into a jail again for any reason!

Glad Darren didn't scare them!!

And the book fair - I'm jealous.

Me said...

No, I was getting tired of it :) I'm sure I would've tested ADHD had they known what it was way back then ;) Finding this enables me to mix it up easily without losing all the widgets. You could save it, though, and go back to it when you want. Your site is precious!

Dawn said...

Yes, I do know who that is. It's Geronimo Stilton. It took me a minute to figure it out, though. It's just now becoming a pupular series in our media center. I've been trying to push it.

Anyway, that sounds cool to do a "Hot Dog, We're Reading" night. I saw that on Channel 17 and I wanted to find out what that was all about. Now I know!

We have a Fireside Literacy Night in November during our bookfair. I don't know what that's all about, either. But, I'm pretty sure I'll have a big role in it.

We loved the pictures of Darren with Jack's class. That's the stuff he'll (Jack, well and Darren, too)always remember. :D

Carrie said...

Love the new blog-too cute!

Ben and Tabby said...

How fun!! I bet Jack was so proud to have his Daddy at school talking to his class! And that reading night looks like it was a lot of fun, too! I love your new background! I knew you wouldn't last long... :D

Twin Mommy said...

Little Jack feels like the best boy in school I'm sure, having his daddy come and talk to everyone! Love the new blog look, I've got to check it out.

Sarah said...

Wow, you had a busy day! Darren did such a great job. He was very good with the children. Much better than the firemen. And you did a pretty good job as the lovely assistant too.

I love the picture you took of Riley.