September 8, 2008

Our "Date Night"

Darren and I went on a 'date night' this past Friday! Since he was working I did a 'ride-a-long' and it was a lot of fun. The city really promotes citizens doing ride-a-longs so they can see what the cops really have to deal with on a day to day basis. So if any of you guys want to do a ride a long with Darren just go here:
and sign up!
I sat here in the waiting room every time he made an arrest and had to book them in. We used to be able to go back and watch, but not anymore... During one of the arrests I got bored and went to Chick-fil-A and got us some food...and No, I did not drive the cop car, my van was in the parking lot :-)

Here's a view from the car...He has this really cool computer system now with the new cars. They can do so much now right from the car and have so much more info. (Even solitaire!)
Here's my Mr. Police Man!
This was my view for about 45 min. Darren chased a guy on a mini motorcycle and he lead us to this dead end. He continued to run on foot and Darren chased him further...I of course had to stay in the car wonder what in the world was going on out there in the dark! About 3 other cops showed up a little while later and they found the guy hiding between some houses and the ditched bike too. He was very happy walking back to the car. I however, was wishing I'd brought my book :-) Can't wait to go again! And a big thanks to my mom and dad. I stayed out till about 2am and they stayed the night with the kids for me :-)


Jenny said...

How cool is that?

Ben and Tabby said...

Wow, how exciting! You got to watch "COPS" in real life! Glad you got a "date night" too! :D

PS-Darren looks like he is ON A MISSION in that picture.

Amber said...

Glad you got some "action" on your date night!

Chad said...

This is one AWESOME post. If I ever find myself in Warner Robbins I am sooooo going to do a ride along with your husband. What could be better than talking Alabama football and catching criminals. Being a cop has to be so cool.

Twin Mommy said...

I can see the headline now-- Woman arrested for stealing cop car and going to Chik-fil-A. "I was just hungry and bored!!" the woman explained.

Anonymous said...

How fun that must have been. Now you're gonna want to be a Citizen on Patrol, (or Rent-a-Cop, as Heather would say), just like your mother!! :-) jk
And Darren does look so serious in his picture, like "I'm working, here, I don't dare smile for anyone!" LOL
Love ya, Aunt Sue-Sue

Sarah said...

Grandparents rock! You guys deserved some alone time. What an exciting date. Darren looks very intimidating in that picture. Criminals beware!

Vader's Mom said...

What a fun idea. I'm glad you were able to join him and see him in action!

I always get the giggles when I fly with Jeff - he sounds & looks so serious.