March 21, 2009

Cake and Cows

Our little Pedro is now 3 years old! As an excuse to have some birthday cake, we picked one up for 'him' last weekend. He was eagerly awaiting his very own piece!! I'm sure he made a great wish!
And like any good birthday boy, he cleaned his well we could probably use it again, but I promise we didn't!!

On Thursday Hailey got to go on a Field Trip to one of our local highschool's farms. She was so excited about seeing what they do and of course getting to ride a big bus! Here she is with Kambria. Darren and I got to go with her.
The highschool was actually me and Darren's!! I had to get a picture of this...they had the old signs laying out by the they have a new digital one. BTW...we say 'HOUSE-ton' not 'Hue-ston'. It's a Georgia thing!

This particular farm specialized in cows. They were huge!
But they also had lots of babies. This first set we looked at were born this month!!
The highschoolers showed us around and told us all about what they do to take care of them.
Hailey loved touching them. This calf was born premature, but is doing great. It even started eating her shirt...
But we learned that cows only have bottom teeth...we're good!

This little girl was a kind of spooked about everything. Darren hung out with her while we visited the big cow.
Then they got to go see this young cow. She was ready to be groomed and they got to help.
Here they are brushing....they also got a great lesson in bodily functions while at this activity ;-)
They they learned all about the food the cows eat and all the tools the 'farmers' use to take care of them and the farm.
Here they are getting weighed just like a cow!
Right at the end they got to feed some calfs (born in Dec.). This one loved Hailey!!! It kept licking her long after the feed was gone.

It was a beautiful day and so much fun to get out and enjoy ourselves! Hope you all are soaking up the great weather!

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Sarah said...

Pedro is such a lucky dog. Tell him we said Happy Birthday.

I love Hailey's piggytails. She looks like a little farm girl. Glad y'all had a fun field trip/walk down memory lane.

Ben and Tabby said...

I didn't even know there were high schools that had farms!! How cool is that?? The baby cows are so cute, but I'm sure they taught the kids some not-so-cute stuff about bodily functions. :) Looks like it was fun.

Happy Birthday Pedro!!

Jennifer said...

I love how you can come up with any reason to make a cake! No one in my house would eat it but I can't do that!

Vader's Mom said...

Pedro is so cute! How fun to get "him" a cake. I must do that for Vader this year...

And the cows. What a cool trip! I don't know how well I would have handled the one eating my shirt though :)

Nancy said...

what a fun day! and I love the page look!

Amber said...

how does friday sound?

Dawn said...

Looks like a fun field trip! Glad you all had such a good time.