March 13, 2009

This is for the birds....

As I mentioned earlier today...Hailey had PACT at school this afternoon. I took Jack and headed over there for a little fun activity.
We started off with Hailey reading to the class. This is her new 'obsession' during school. She is constantly asking Ms. McAllister if she can read a book to the kids. And most of the time the kids are so not paying attention, but Hailey doesn't care...she just keeps on going! It also gives Hailey something constuctive to do at the end of the day when she starts getting very 'wired'.
See the pictures, mom?!?

Then we got started on our project!
Pine cone bird feeders: one pine cone, a little peanut butter, and some bird seed.

She did GREAT spreading the peanut butter! She didn't even care that it was messy and getting on her. Such an improvement. Maybe it's because she likes peanut butter, I don't know.

Then she did a little rolling in the seeds.
This is her friend Kambria, her's turned out really good. I didn't get a finished product picture of Hailey's. She was off and running as soon as she was done!
I did however catch her doing THIS!
Silly Girl!

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Nancy said...

ha ha good old peanut butter feeders! wonder how many have been made in our lifetimes?!

Vader's Mom said...

Silly Girl?? No Way. I think she's brilliant !! :) I love my peanut butter too!!!!

Ben and Tabby said...

I probably wouldn't have been able to resist either, Hailey! That looks like FUN!

The Emery's said...

I love the last picture. Precious!