March 26, 2009

Party Time & BoxTops Update!

I've got quite a bit of catching up to do! But first a quick shout out to all our BoxTop helpers this month!! Thank you so much for collecting and sending them to Hailey. Every little one helps us get closer to her school's goal!
March Total for team Hailey : 218!!!
Thankyou to Ms. Amy, Ms. Jennifer, Auntie Joyce, Ms. Sarah, Grandma, & Amanda ("More than Words") for sending theirs to us.
If you'd like to help for next month just collect BoxTops for Education and send them our way!
Thanks again!
Now...on to our week. Jack and Hailey's buddy, Riley had his second birthday last Friday night at our awesome indoor playground/Burger King!! It was bulldozer themed and all the kids had a blast! Riley wanted everyone to wear a 'hard hat' and truly enjoyed every moment of his party!
See... I told you he enjoyed it!!
Then on Sunday I helped host a baby shower for my friend Andrea. She is going to have a baby girl next month and we are all so excited for her. You can check out her blog to see her 3D ultrasound she had done a month or so ago.
Allyson was a great little helper.
I think our hostesses did a GREAT job on the spread! It was beautiful and delicious.
Heather made this adorable bread bunny with veggies and dip!! She so out did all of us, she is so creative =) It was perfect for a baby shower so close to Easter.

Tuesday afternoon me and the kids got busy doing a little indoor gardening! Jack got to plant some cactus seeds. He loves cacti due to the great scene in Cars when Lighting McQueen crashes into a bunch of them and then Mater has to tow him out!!
He's excited that his cactus is going to be tiny like his cars!

Hailey planted three types of herbs: Parsley, Oregano, and Basil. The sets came with their own little plastic green house. So we have them sitting next to our kitchen window and they are both checking on them daily.

Another thing we've been checking on daily since Tuesday are these little guys! Hailey's pre-K class got 20 chicken eggs in an incubator and have been waiting anxiously for them to start hatching. This morning when her Grandma and I dropped her off three of them had hatched!!
Their little peeps were so cute!! By the end of the day 10 had hatched!! They get to keep them in class for another week. Once they are all dry and ready to go the babies are going to go live at the Lineberger farm where my mom nannies everyday!! We will be able to go visit them and see them grow to big chickens. p.s. the Linebergers only use their chickens for eggs, not nuggets!!
I'll keep taking pictures each morning to show their progress! Too cute!!


Ben and Tabby said...

Way to go on the boxtops! And I'm glad SOMEBODY blogged about Riley's birthday and Andrea's shower! :P Looks like and she had a great shower. All the food looked so pretty! Tell the kids good job on their plants! Maybe since Hailey planted herbs, she will want to help you cook now??

Amber said...

Yeah, I was waiting to see about Andrea's shower!

Riley looks so HANDSOME and so BIG BOY in that top picture. It's a beautiful photo of him. Tell Sarah she needs to frame that one!!!

Tell Hailey that I want an herb garden just like hers.

Carrie McAllister said...

Stacia, there are pictures of the chicks on my facebook page if you want to see them.

The Emery's said...

Whew, you really did catch up!

Loved the picture of Riley in the hat. Sweet :)

I never get your blog updates in my google reader? That's okay...I'll be sure to just check in consistently.

I went with Caleb on a 2nd grade field trip last week for 'Ag Day'. COMPLETELY thought of your post while I was there with the animals :)

Sarah said...

I am stilling that first picture of Riley. I am so jealous of your camera or photo skills, maybe both.
I just love that Jack was gardening in his spiderman suit. Such a boy.
Are the chickies enjoying life on the farm?

Sarah said...

Oops...I mean't stealing.