December 8, 2009

Birthdays and Thanksgiving

So my sweet baby girl turned 6 today! I told her all about the day she was born (her request) She wanted to know if she said ‘mama’ and what she had for lunch that day :) I told her milk and she said ‘yuck! milk?!?!’  I took penguin cupcakes to her Kindergarten class today. (forgot camera!) She had a special birthday hat, card, and pencil from her class.IMG_5172  We had a little party for her last Friday night.  It was Tinkerbelle!!IMG_5810

She sang with all of us. IMG_5812 Made a wish…IMG_5814 Read EVERY card…IMG_5821

Showed SO MUCH enthusiasm and gratitude for each gift… Even bear hugged her brother to thank him for her new Walkie-Talkies!! (I so wish we got that on camera)


Where has my little one gone?? This was her 1st birthday… we took her for ice cream after Wednesday night Bible class. She was so happy!! I miss that baby, but love the beautiful girl she’s growing up to be.


Thanksgiving 2009

We started out our festivities with lunch at the kids’ schools… and I do mean plural and even on the same day!! We were VERY full that afternoon! I got a great picture of Jack with Grandma and Papa… My dad got the picture of them with Hailey on his phone. 

p.s. My mom just had her radiation on Friday. She is doing okay and will be able to start her thyroid hormones this Friday.  We however can not see her. She’s been told not to be around pregnant women or small children :( My kids are having major withdrawals!!IMG_5723

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we drove up to North GA to see my grandparents.  They call their property “Blueberry Hill”…. Here are the bushes in all their fall colors.  My grandma makes a wonderful blueberry jam!IMG_5728

I’ll post more about our trip tomorrow…


Dawn said...

We really enjoyed the party! Allyson loves her lip gloss watch! Especially when she puts it on her daddy! ;D We miss your mom, too.

Amber said...

Yeah for thyroid meds! Soon she'll feel like a new woman.

mrsofficer said...

Happy Belated birthday to the little one!

mrsofficer said...

Ihave had thyroid cancer twice , If you need any info please contact me. ps I had to stay away for atleast two weeks from my kids:(

Amber said...

I love you! Thank you for the comment(s) you left on my blog. Made me laugh and laugh--I needed it!