December 10, 2009

More Thanksgiving

As I had said in my previous post… we went to my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving break.  It was beautiful up there and the kids had a blast. We had a wonderful time with family and great memories were made.IMG_5728 The boys spent their time out on the edge of the property shooting many different guns into the woods (at targets) IMG_5725  Jack used binoculars to see the targetsIMG_5731 IMG_5733



I even hit the tiny target that spun when hit just right!  My mom did too!!IMG_5743

We did do other things than fire weapons… We went to town for more bullets!! lol!

Really we went to town for the Christmas street festival.  It was so pretty to see all the stores decorated and the street lined with little paper lanterns.  We were even on the look out for Santa.IMG_5760

Found him!

IMG_5752 IMG_5755  IMG_5765 IMG_5766 IMG_5771

Jack with Grandaddy-Great.  At this point Hailey had had enough! She was hungry, tired, and cold :) No picture wanted.IMG_5787  IMG_5795_1

Saturday night Grandaddy-Great made a little bon fire.  We roasted marshmallows.IMG_5804IMG_5799

Singing some Jingle Bells!IMG_5803

Okay…now I feel caught up. Maybe next year I’ll get back on the “blog-wagon”


LOUD n PROUD said...

great pictures!

Vader's Mom said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. It's been years since I got to enjoy the "gun range" after a holiday meal. One of my favorite memories!

Tabby said...

You go girl! My family likes to shoot guns on holidays too. lol. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love the shot of the four of you. So glad you got to spend it together. Miss you!