December 28, 2009

Disney Trip 2009 pt.1

We started off our vacation by driving from GA down to my Aunt’s house. She lives about an hour from Disney. We had a great night grilling hamburgers and hotdogs and then she let my kids help decorate her tree!! So brave :D IMG_5856IMG_5859IMG_5878 IMG_5870 Her grandson, Hayden was there spending the night. He has gotten so big and is off the preemie chart now! yay!! Then next morning we had church at her house with their congregation (they are still in the process of building on their land) Potluck for lunch and then packed up and headed off to Disney!

We stayed at the Coronado Springs resort. It was Spanish themed and recently the rooms had been remodeled. This picture is of the main building… it is a huge resort with lots of different rooms surrounding the lake. IMG_6036

The lobby ceilingIMG_5954Of course a big part of going to Disney in December is the decorations… they were all so different and beautiful.IMG_5955

The main tree in our lobbyIMG_5959IMG_5889

Our room:IMG_5886 IMG_5887 IMG_5888 It was great and I’d recommend staying there to anybody. I haven’t stayed anywhere else though… I’m sure the high-end resorts are awesome, but we were only in there to sleep so for that it was more than enough.


Amber said...

It looks like a high end resort to me!

Vader's Mom said...

I've heard so many wonderful things about that resort! But I've not seen photos in a while. Looks beautiful - And very comfortable!!

Andrea said...

I love your room! That looks like high end to me too.