December 7, 2009

Lil’ peanut

A week before Thanksgiving I had a routine apt. but because I was still so early they did an u/s to find heartbeat.  I got a much better picture than last time.  I was 10weeks5days and it actually looks more like a baby than a blob this time!001

The following Tuesday night I was packing for our Thanksgiving trip and I started bleeding. I freaked out just a little bit! NEVER even spotted with the other two. I called my OB and the nurse told me to go to ER for fetal heart tones.  Thankfully everything was okay (plus I got an even better pic!) The doctor said I had a uterine bleed and it stopped by the next day.  So this picture is 11weeks2days.  001

As of today I am 13 weeks and just when I think I’m feeling better I have a day full of hugging the toilet!!  I’m not complaining though… it’s all part of it… just never had it this bad before!

Today I had an early screening for Down Syndrome, Try18, and Spinal bifida.  I’ve never had it done before because they always did it by amino and we aren’t going to do anything about the pregnancy even if something is wrong…but this doctor only uses u/s and finger prick. Everything looked good from the pictures and the blood work will be back in a few days.

Jack started out saying he wanted a little brother…. now he says it’s a little girl (because he’s not going to move out of his room!) I guess he thinks Hailey will get booted out of hers now! Hailey wants a little boy and girl. I keep telling her there is only one in there. :) I’m still on the fence about finding out the sex in January.  Part of me wants to have a surprise! But of course the other part of me wants to know ASAP!!!

So there you go… all caught up on Baby Johnson…

My big baby will be 6 yrs old tomorrow!!! Can’t believe it. I’ll post about her ‘party day’ and ‘birthday’ tomorrow (they are totally different according to her!)IMG_5172


Jenny said...

AWESOME!!! You can see the face. So glad everything's going well...hope you're feeling better soon!

Amber said...

That Hailey is one smart cookie. There IS a difference between party day and the actual birthday!

I hope the hugging the toliet days are behind you.

Crystal said...

The u/s pictures are precious. I can't wait to see mine on the 30th. I haven't seen him/her since 6 weeks. I know the difference will be huge.

I'm glad everything is ok with you and your baby bundle. :)

Amber said...

Stacia! Congratulations!!! I can't believe I haven't checked your blog before now. I'm sorry.

I am SO happy for you :)

Also, happy birthday, Hailey!!!!!