August 18, 2008

Long Post Full of Love & Pictures!

We had a great start to our weekend when my aunts and some cousins came into town to spend the weekend visiting Memaw. They knew we were going out of town, but this was a good time for them so it worked out pretty good and Memaw had some great company while we were gone.
This is my cousin Todd's daughter Elaina (Laney). She was born on my birthday! She'll be three in Sept. Here is Kaylin (Todd's oldest) and Hailey. They became fast friends talking all things Hannah Montana!! Riding together was a must on the way to dinner.My dad's oldest sister, Aunt Jo-Jo and her grandaughter, Casey Jo. It was so good to see Casey!! We don't get to see her as much since she went off to college in Gainsville but she is such a sweetheart, and an awesome dessert eater :-)On the way home from dinner I was brave and took all the kiddos!! Jack and Laney up front...Kailynn and Hailey in the back!!We spent the evening in Grandma's pool! Here is Hailey with Aunt Jane, she is my dad's #3 older sister. (He's the baby if you haven't figured it out yet)And here's Aunt Jackie #2 older sister to my dad! This was the only picture I got of her. And Todd (Aunt Jane's son) not a great picture either, but great shirt!!
After a busy night, we hit the road about noon for the great state of Alabama. It was only a three hour drive and we gained an hour so we didn't have to leave early. It was so nice!
We started the trip with my mom riding with Darren and the kids. They wanted their Grandma!! Fine by me :-) I got to ride in the 'adult' car :-) So nice and peaceful!! Here's my cousin Heather and her boyfriend Jason. They drove up with her family from Florida the night before and spent the night at our house so we could all drive over together.Here's Jack on the road having a snack.Our only picture together. Notice the black and helps unflattering shots become a little bit less unflattering. Uncle Jimmy was on Mackenzie duty while we checked into the hotel. She was a great car rider. And Hailey thought it was so cool that the hotel had Nickelodeon too!!! Who would have thought?!? The Wedding
Saturday evening we headed out to the Rocky Mount Bed & Breakfast in Pratville, AL. It was such a beautiful atmosphere to have an outdoor wedding. And we kept thanking God that it stopped raining :-) All day the rain kept coming on and off and things were getting a little stressful. But by the end of the afternoon it was perfect.
This was the front of the house. It had a wrap-around porch...Side view...There were so many little things around that added so much charm to the place. I was in picture taking heaven. We went inside and the first room to the left had the cake... It was beautiful! The cake and the hardwood floors :-) I loved the monogram!
Lacey and Brandon Harris The room the the right had this picture set up for everyone to sign. And of course the pen choices were pink and brown ink :-) (Wedding colors)We stepped out on the back porch and this was the spectacular sight we saw! Lacey was getting some pictures taken with her immediate family before the wedding started. She was so pretty and I loved her dress! Here she is with our grandparents. Hey! Now I'm not the only married cousin!! Yea!! Hailey loved watching them take pictures...I'm sure she was in awe of Lacey in her dress.Jack joined in...can you see the horses in the background?? The kids went right up to them while I was inside taking pictures of the cake and Hailey said one of them licked her hand!! Oh how I wish I'd seen it!! Here she is with her whole fam...My two munchkins...Don't they look sweet in their outfits?? I made sure to coordinate them with the wedding colors :-) Here's a better look at the horses...they started to walk off as more people showed up. So as it was time for the ceremony to get started we all picked up one of these fans. On one side was the order of ceremony and the other side was the list of all the participants in the wedding party. It was a program on a stick!! Perfect for the little bit of humidity that was still lingering in the air. And we also picked up a few bottles of bubbles, that were hand decorated!! I wonder how much time that took?!? My mom's cousin Renee's daughter Ashley is letting everyone know we need to's time to start :-)We were seated under these sprawling oak trees....Grandma and GrandaddyLacey's other grandparents, Loyd and Martha BushThe bride's parents...My mom's older brother, Uncle Mike and Aunt Bo-Bo (Barbara)Bride's younger brother, LeviBride's older sister, Shannon. And here he is...waiting for his Bride....Brandon.The best part....watching Uncle Mike walk Lacey down the aisle. They have such a special relationship. It was priceless!The ceremony was beautiful...It was dusk, the lights were lit...The flowers were incredible!!And then it was time for the party :-) The reception was right there under a tent and the tables were decorated really cute. Can you see the little bells? We picked those up before the ceremony too and when it was time for them to kiss we were to ring them!The kids had a blast playing in the yards. Hailey's favorite thing was blowing bubbles...They had so many grassy areas and plants. We just let the kids go and have fun!Jack's favorite thing was this!! The peeing fountain!! He was totally mesmerized!! I mean the guy was actually holding on to his peter, paul and mary!! OMGoodness!! When the moon came out the lights turned on! It was so pretty!I loved how the girls looked playing down by the fountains and candles....Little princessesHere's some shots of family.... I know this post is long, but a lot of people didn't have their camera so I wanted to be sure to post a lot! This is my dad and Renee's husband Jeff.
Here's Grandma and my mom's younger sister, Aunt Sue-Sue (nice tan!)Lacey and cousin Raymond
Lacey and Me!!
Hailey took my picture! I promised her I'd put it on the blog :-)
Grandaddy helping Jack get some more watermelon!! Remember how much he likes it?? Father Daughter dance... that's right...Church of Christ weddings can have dancing :-) They danced to Unforgetable. We tried our best not to cry.
And then their first dance...I feel bad but I can't remember the song...sorry!
After the wedding we chilled in the hotel and watched the olymipics. It was a great night! We cheered for Michael Phelps and Torres!! They did awesome.

Time to head home! We had a fast but fun trip!! Jack passed out about half way home...Sweet little man! Hailey played her leapfrog the whole way...They were both so good!!

So if you're still reading hope you enjoyed!! Glad we are back safe and sound! And a big THANKYOU to Sarah for taking care of Pedro and Dudlee!!


Twin Mommy said...

What a weekend! Your photos followed the whole trip perfectly... right up to the peeing fountain!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so where are the pictures of your mom, and her beautiful tan! LOL....You did an awsome job with your photo shoot, filling in for those of us (ah-hem) who left our camera in the hotel room!!! Lots of love to you. We are now bracing for Hurricane Fay! Fun-Fun to live in Florida
Love you, Aunt Sue-Sue

Ben and Tabby said...

Whew...just reading that made me tired! Looks like you had a busy fun-filled weekend! You took some great pictures! Glad you guys got some good family time. The wedding looks like it was beautiful!

Andrea said...

You had a great weekend! Weddings are so get to see all your family at one time. The wedding was beautiful!

Vader's Mom said...

Fun weekend!! The wedding was beautiful. What an amazing place and I'm glad the weather decided to cooperate. Amazing Amazing!

Dawn said...

I can tell the wedding was beautiful. I love weddings! I wish the picture of you and Lacey had been in color. I wanted to know what your dress looked like!

Stacia said...

It was black with white polkadots. :-)

Aric and Amber said...

Oh my,I am so glad that Noah wasn't there to see the fountain too!

I love the kid's coordinating outfits! They looked so cute. So is Hailey in a size 7 yet, so she can start passing up to Sage????

You cracked me up about the comment w/ the b & w hiding flaws! It's so true! Maybe I'll try it in my next belly shot.

Sarah said...

I feel like I've just been to your family reunion. Now we know everybody. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and a great weekend. I was hoping to see a picture of you and Jan in your fancy clothes though :-)