September 14, 2010

3 Months old…

We’ve hit the three month mark! Where does the time go?!? I already get this pit in my stomach when I look at Collin’s newborn pictures. He has changed so much!!  Hailey is really enjoying him much more now that he is talking, smiling, and just interacting more. Oh just wait till he’s mobile! I’m sure she’ll love that. LOL!


I’m getting the “mom guilt” about not taking very many pictures of baby #3.  But just so you know… I haven’t been taking many pictures at all.  I feel quite at ease taking care of this baby. I guess with each one it just gets better, but all my other responsibilities are piling up!!! Trying to figure out how and when to get things done with 3 kids now! Wow…we are defiantly not a well oiled machine yet! But here is my attempt at taking some pics at this 3 month mark.

He doesn’t understand why on Earth I put him down.IMG_7444 IMG_7456 IMG_7460

We are not great about getting tummy time! With a dog, a kitten who loves to chase feet, and two kids running around… I find very little time to lay him on the floor! IMG_7484 3 Months old  

Yes, I know I look good in ‘rolls’IMG_7499

My sweet blue eyed baby!IMG_7505

Hailey started Daisy Scouts this past week.  She LOVED her first meeting and can’t wait to go again next week.  And I will so be calling all of you when it’s cookie time! :)Daisy Scouts

Hailey with LucyIMG_7506 

We ran to Chick-fil-A before her meeting and the cow was there. IMG_7513


Jenny said...

You voiced my feelings of having a 3rd child to a t! So glad that things are going great :)

Andrea said...

Hailey looks so cute in her uniform! We will definitely be buying some cookies from her. I can't believe how big Collin is now. You are doing such a great job with the three kids. I am amazed every time I see you bring all three to church by yourself. I have trouble with just the one. :-D

Amber said...

She looks like a doll in that uniform. I can't WAIT to order cookies from her.

carrie said...

You so better ask me to buy some!