September 15, 2010

Family pics….sorta~

I really need to get some pictures with ME in them.  I always have the camera in my hand.  Here is our attempt one evening to take some! :)

Must have flash when little hands are holding the camera! IMG_7508 IMG_7509

Ugghh! I so need some lipstick..IMG_7510

The girls


Me and my boys



Andrea said...

Love all those pics especially the one of you and Collin. And you look just great without the lipstick.

Nancy said...

These are so good! and I totally agree with Andrea, you look fine without lipstick!

Amber said...

Being that I'm 30 weeks pregnant and fat, I can't help but notice that the camera is angled below your head which is the most unflattering placement possible and you look great! He's only three months old--you inspire me!

Who needs lipstick when there's no double chin???

Kristen said...

Precious! We are going to miss y'all!

Tabby said...

Yes, you look beautiful, lipstick or no lipstick!! I love the pics. Collin is such a cutie! I really need to get down there for a visit so I can meet him in person!

Grandma said...

I'm glad our boy had a good birthday. He is growing up way too fast. Put a brick on his head.
Tell him Grandaddy Great can't wait to take him for a ride in his new, red Jeep.