September 17, 2010

Jack is 5 !!!

This past Sunday my Jack-Jack turned 5yrs. old!  Collin and I took cupcakes to his class the Friday before.Cupcakes at school!  IMG_7516

The kids loved having Collin there and swarmed him.  I just kept reminding them to not touch his hands. He loved all the attention and just kept smiling at all of them :)~IMG_7517 IMG_7518 Saturday evening Jack wanted to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheeze!  This place is about 100 yrs. old and looks exactly the same as when I was his age!! haha! But he had a lot of fun and that is all that matters!


Reid and Collin did not seem too impressed though.Reid and Collin   IMG_7522 

Here’s Hailey trying her best to look like the grumpy sister that HAD to tag along.Ralston, Riley, and Hailey

She did better in this one!  (I promise she had a great night)IMG_7525  IMG_7523IMG_7527IMG_7528 Jack got lots of cool gifts.  Too much Toy Story stuff to even keep track of!IMG_7529 IMG_7526IMG_7530 IMG_7531


Amber said...

Love Jack and Collin's lips in the last school picture. They look the same. Also love the one of Reid and Collin. I feel like a horrible friend for not seeing him yet.

I don't know who has taken over your blog, but tell them I said thanks for posting so much!

Dawn said...

Glad Jack had such a great birthday with all that Toy Story stuff! Cooool! I love all the baby pictures. And, I don't know who you are trying to fool by saying you don't have it all together! I sure wouldn't have guessed!