September 26, 2010

Story Time

Having fun during our night time routine.  I love my kiddos!!5, 3months, 6

I found Jack reading Collin a story… however Collin was a little distracted by his sister who was hanging off her top bunk :)IMG_7557

Now he’s listening!  p.s.  Amber… he loves his blanket!IMG_7558 

Last week Hailey had her Investiture ceremony for Daisy Scouts.  This is where they welcome all the brand new members. It was held with another Brownie Troop.

Collin was a ham that night…. he even felt the need to steal the show by doing his ‘deed’ during the QUIET part!!IMG_7533We see this look all the time right now.  He seriously bites his hand to the point of leaving tiny scratches and suck marks.  Who knows maybe he’s working on an early tooth! IMG_7534 IMG_7535

Hanging out with Papa. 

IMG_7553Investiture IMG_7538

The new Daisies got to “light” a candle. IMG_7546 

Here she is with her troop leader and some of the girls.IMG_7555


Nancy said...

and they are so pretty!!!

Dawn said...

I know the little girl with the white shirt and no vest. She goes to my school! Collin is so sweet! I love that blanket, too! :) Amber is so crafty!