February 10, 2009

Ms. Nancy...This is for you!

Alright Ms. Nancy.... I racked my brain, tried over and over again and I figured it out!! I made the signature tag transparent!! Yay!! I also figured out the HTML code for doing the background papers like Cutest Blog on the Bl0ck and AquaPoppy.... So I just might do what you said!! My new background is my first attempt...really quick and simple.

Flower sigtag


Ben and Tabby said...

okay I thought I just left a comment, but I guess not. I am really impressed with your graphic design skillz! I have totally given up on trying to learn that stuff! I might have to get you to make me a signature tag...I still can't figure out how to "shrink" it. LOL.

Amber said...

It hurts my feelings when your blog posts exclude me. I hope Ms Nancy is happy. Whoever she is.

Nancy said...

hey girl, can you help me figure out why when I use the Cutest Blog, etc. that it won't show the middle section as well? I have a beige middle section instead of the pink color the blog should be. argh