February 22, 2009

Winter Break 2009

The kids were on Winter Break this week (some new holiday that makes the summer shorter) I had asked Darren to take off Monday and Tuesday so we could go up to my grandparent's house in north GA. He got off but he got court on his regular off days of Wednesday and Thursday!! Go figure!! I decided to go ahead and go because the kids and my grandparents were so looking forward to it. Last minute... and I mean LAST MINUTE... Darren weaseled his way out of court and hopped in the van as we were pulling out =) I was so relieved not to be taking that trip by myself! Plus I wanted the family time!!

Here's Hailey on our road trip up there.  It was a 5hr. ride with a nice stop for dinner (sit down meal).  She felt she needed the shades...you never know how bright those night time travels can be?  All she cared about was that they matched her outfit!!Picture 064

Jack on the other hand was a little concerned with the pending weather conditions up north.  So he prepared early....wore his mittens the whole way...only taking them off to eat!!Picture 065

We got there about 10pm Monday night so we went straight to bed...but the next morning we were off and running!!  It was so cold that day! But that did not stop the kids from wanting to play outside and of course ride the Jeep!!

I went out to catch a ride with them and saw this little bird in the grass eating some seeds... it was in between us and the Jeep and only about 4 feet away.  It wasn't scared and just kept on eating.  I tried to get more pictures of it but Jack got impatient (really wanted to ride) and started jumping....he said the bird needed to move so we could go!Picture 067 Picture 068

This is my grandparent's house and the barn. Picture 069

The view behind the housePicture 071

And the view to the left... Picture 070

As we drove down the neighbor's dog, Rufus came running over.  He's such a friendly little guy and he led the way for us.Picture 072

Hailey watching her Daddy drive the Jeep.... If I'd known this would have been our only Jeep ride I'd have taken more pictures. The weather got rainy the next day so we didn't take any more. Picture 073

Me and Jack riding in the back.Picture 075

Hailey hanging on up front...next year she'll probably be able to drive it!! She's almost tall enough!Picture 076

Grandma-great got treated to a Bible story from our little reader.Picture 078 Picture 080

Before church on Wednesday the kids, and Daisy played a little animal Bingo.  They did so good considering they had to stay inside the whole day. We watched Spiderman a few times too!Picture 082

I think Daisy is taller than Pedro now and she's not even a year old! She's just really skinny still.  When we got home Jack said Pedro looked little =)  She is such a happy puppy!Picture 083

Here's the boys!!  See... I told you Darren came with us!Picture 084

Thursday morning while Darren and I packed up the van, Granddaddy-great took Jack for a hike while Hailey played Bingo with Grandma-great.  They went down to the swamp and back about 4 times!!Picture 086

Picture 088

Here they go again...Picture 090

When Hailey realized what they were doing she grabbed her coat and took one last hike with them...I don't think Granddaddy-great could do much more =) Picture 091

They were all holding hands....so sweet! 

When she got back she said (complete Dora the Explorer style) with so much excitement... We went down to the Swamp...Over the bridge... then up the Slippery hill!!!  Picture 092

Click here to see last year's trip in a slide show!

I'm so glad we got to go and can't wait to go back...when it's a little warmer =)



Sarah said...

Your grandparents property is beautiful. Do you think they would let me come and stay? Glad you guys got some time away. You deserve it.

Dawn said...

Yes, your grandparent's place looks so nice. I feel a little robbed that I was so old when I had Allyson that she'll never know her great-grandparents. If only I had met Mike like five or six years earlier! Anyway, I'm glad you had a good trip. I love the B&W of you and your little man! Also, I'm glad Darren got to go. Love ya!

Amber said...

Hailey looks EXACTLY like Darren in that top picture, and I'm pretty sure he has those same glasses for his uniform too.

Glad you didn't have to go by yourself!

Ben and Tabby said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm so glad that you got to go and that Darren got to go with you! Your grandparents have a great view from their property! I love the b&w of you and Jack, and the one of Hailey in her pink glasses. Tell Hailey and Jack that Isabelle says hi! Love you guys!