February 6, 2009

Pajama Day & Dentist

Tuesday was pajama day in Jack's K-3 class! He wore his Lighting McQueen P.J.'s and brought his Cars pillow & blanket.  They had lots of fun lounging around that day. Picture 188 

I love this one of him and Ralston! What are they going to do next year when Ralston goes to elementary school??Picture 190


Thursday was Hailey's checkup at the dentist. She loves going to get her teeth cleaned! I originally thought that this would be something she would be scared of or get uncomfortable with but she has done great from the first time we ever went. It probably has to do with the cartoons they let them watch and the cool prize drawer!! She had a great report of no cavities!Picture 191

Are they sparkling??Picture 192

However, this was Jack's 1st visit to the dentist!  He went last time to watch Hailey so he kind of remembered what was going to happen.  He did really good. He loved the GREEN sunglasses and watched a little Batman.  He was not very talkative though, so I know he was a little nervous.  He also had a great report of no cavities!! Mommy's turn is on Monday...I won't be taking pictures.Picture 193 Picture 194

Hailey wanted to take a picture of her favorite thing in the office.  Mr. Slurpie!!  He was my favorite when I was little too!Picture 196

I just had to throw this one in here... My mom's dog, Dudlee loves to play with Pedro.  They play/fight like this all the time.  This was last night after dinner. Picture 202


I started a project last Saturday and I can now say that I am finished!! The housework has suffered and we are severely behind on laundry, but I will try to catch up this weekend.  I finally painted Hailey's room!! I've been wanting to do this since the school year started and I just kept putting it off.  Here she is helping me on the first day. Picture 183

She painted her name and some hearts!Picture 184 Picture 186

I got done Wed. and by Thursday I had her furniture back in place and she was no longer having to sleep in Jack's room. But let me tell you they had a lot of fun having slumber parties each night!!

So here is the finished product.  It's a soft lavender with one wall having slightly darker lavender stripes. Picture 203

This is her new reading corner!! She loves it and I think is more impressed with this than the paint!  I found her the beanbag at Target.  Jack wants one too...but green of course...I'll have to keep looking.  I'm going to add some shelves to this wall.Picture 204

And I'm going to try to get a mirror on this one...The last time she had a mirror she started freaking out about the beveled edge and wanted nothing to do with it in her room.  So I'll have to see if she'll let me put another one in her room now....it's been at least 2yrs. since that happened...maybe she's over it by now. Picture 205

Here she is enjoying her beanbag!! Picture 198


Bry and Joe said...

I love Hailey's new room!!!

Amber said...

Beautiful paint job!!!!

Jenny said...

I love Hailey's room...SO cute!

Ben and Tabby said...

Okay, the boys just look adorable in their pajamas....I can't believe Ralston is going to elementary school next year?!?

Hailey's room looks beautiful!! I love the stripes, and the little reading corner is adorable. I decided this week that Isabelle's room is going to be my next project.

Dawn said...

Her room looks great! I think I need a reading corner in my room! And, PJ Day is awesome. I am trying to work it out to have another one at our school!

Twin Mommy said...

Okay, how in the world did you do such perfect stripes?? I've tried doing that and they were crooked as heck and the paint bled over. Our painting experiences so far in this house have not been too wonderful, the result always takes days longer than planned. You deserve an academy award for those stripes!! Ha!

Amber said...

I just realized, I can see Hailey's room with very own two eyes, in person!

I'm so very excited!!!!!

Nancy said...

I love it and adore the curtains!!! wish I'd had a reading corner :)

Nancy said...

and where is YOUR signature tag? ;)

Andrea said...

Love Hailey's room!!! Looks like Hailey and Jack had a great time at the dentist.