February 20, 2009

Our Awesome Weekend part 2

So part 2 starts with Noah's super cool Star Wars birthday party!! He's turning 5 the end of this month, but since we were all going to be together Amber decided to have the party while they were up here. I'm so glad they did.... we had a blast!!

Here we are in the kitchen getting things ready. (L to R) Tabby, Sarah, Amber, Me. Amber made a great crock pot full of chili and Sarah made mini-cheese burgers....me and Tabby brought cheese, sour cream, chips and drinks (we didn't spend much time in the kitchen!) Can you guess who this is?? The kids loved the masks! Jack is shooting us!!

So is Riley =)

Isabelle said forget the masks and give me some cheese!! Such a cutie... It was so much fun having her as a house guest.

Momma Jan and Papa Steve looked over Kirkley while the party was getting set up.

Ben had to get some lovin' in...he got a great smile out of her....little did we all know that a few days later he would find out that he and Tabby would be expecting their second little bundle of JOY!!!
Aric, Noah, and Darren made themselves at home in front of the big screen watching CloneWars.
The cake was super cool although I didn't get a picture of it.... I think I was holding Kirkley at the time. Although I was able to capture this funny activity!!
It was time to hit the pinata and the boys were coming up with crazy ideas like climbing into the ceiling (my husband) and so forth... Sarah and Tabby go downstairs and bring up this puppet theater contraption...Great Idea...But of course the guys have to build it and act like it was all their doing =)
They think they are so cool!

Our patient little ones waiting in line while all their daddies were busy trying to be engineers!
(L to R) Noah, Allyson, Jack, Ralston, Hailey, and Sage
I was definitely on the wrong side to get pictures while they were hitting, but here is Noah taking a whack at Darth's head! Mike and Darren were keeping it steady, while Aric manned the rope.
Jack giving it a little tap!
Hailey taking swing!
Then it was time for a little Rock Band/World Tour fun! Here is Aric on drums.
Larry, Darren and Aric. Hailey loved singing along!
We went not too late into the night living out our dreams of being in various bands, singing our hearts out and dying of laughter!!
Sunday night we headed over to Burger King to let the kids play after church. All the girl value meals came with these great sunglasses and thanks to Dawn I got copies of these hilarious pictures.
(L to R) Dawn, Jason, Me, and Tabby
This one is even better!!
Aric, Darren, Jason, and Mike
(don't you love the two in the middle....they are our local police officers!!) I think they should wear the pink glasses on duty... I'd take them seriously, wouldn't you?!?
Before everybody left to drive back to the homes (which are way too far away!!!) We had to take some goofy pictures.
We made matching purple foam sun visors; complete with glitter skull and crossbones!
Here's our serious one
And our not so serious one!! And just so you know... my fireplace must have some magical affect because the last time we took a group shot in front of it, that night Andrea told us she was prego... now two days after this pic...Tabby tells us!! So if you're trying just come to my house and take a picture with your girlfriends in front of my fireplace... I think it's lucky =) And here are some crazies of the kids...we aren't exactly claiming any of them as our own!
Noah, Sage, Riley, Jack (red spider man!)

Noah, Sage, Hailey, Riley, Ralston, Jack....Isabelle was sleeping (I don't know how)

Check out Tabby, Amber, and Dawn's blog for more pictures from this weekend!


Jenny said...

Love, love,LOVE Jack's Spiderman costume!!!!

Sarah said...

Your pictures are what's awesome. You got the best pictures of the kids. Thanks for giving Tabby and I the props we deserve on the whole pinata thing. I just have to say Jack was rockin' that tiny spiderman costume.

Dawn said...

How did I miss out on all the group girls' pics?! Not fair!! :D

Yeah, it was an awesome weekend!

Amber said...

Wow, those are the most amazing pictures of me that I have ever seen.

Ben and Tabby said...

I was just thinking the same thing about myself. :)