February 2, 2009

Hailey's new favorite place!

Before I tell you about Hailey's new most favorite place, let me introduce you to my new little man! This is Jake, he comes to see me in the mornings while his mommy is at work and goes home around 12:30. Picture 158We have just enough time to cuddle, play, and take some pictures! On Friday's Jack is home so he gets to play with him. Of course, Pedro loves him so very much and has to give him kisses every day. Luckily he's used to it...he has a huge American bulldog at home named Moses!!

 Picture 166

Jack brought him a bunch of stuffed animals and put them all over his car seat! Thank goodness he has 3 older siblings so he's used to noise and being moved around a lot :-)Picture 168

Okay...now on with Hailey's new favorite place!  Last Friday she had a field trip with her K-4 class to Zen restaurant. It is  Japanese Hibachi grill style. OMGoodness she had so much fun!! Picture 169

Grandma and Jack came with us to enjoy the lunch. Here they are trying the soup. Me and Grandma loved it...the kids, not so much.Picture 170

Here we go!  We had a great chef and he was great with the kids! "Hi Ms. McAllister!" {She's sitting across from us in the green shirt :-)}

Picture 171

Hailey LOVED the fire!! She said, " This is AWESOME" about 10 times!! Most of the kids were backing up (Jack) or putting their hands over their eyes...not her!!! She was saying, "Do it again!!"Picture 172 Picture 175

We had fried rice with chicken and some vegetables.  It was delicious. And they gave us so much to eat! Picture 176

Look at my babies using chop-sticks! Picture 179 Picture 180

One last fire trick before we go... The Volcano! Picture 182

Now Hailey wants to eat there every day.  We told her we'll take Papa there for his birthday :-)


These are just a few pictures from her school that her teacher sent me.... Hailey NEVER sleeps during nap time. She hardly can lay there and be still. So one day last week things were just a little too quiet and low and behold Hailey was asleep!! Amazing!! It was picture worthy that's for sure.102_1993

Today she got to read a book to her class! I'm so proud of her. She is really starting to get the hang of this reading thing and doing so good. She is such a little sponge and picks stuff up on her own so well!

102_2014 102_2015

Then they put their groundhogs in the ground to see if they would see their shadows... I don't think they saw any in GA today...We were pretty cloudy all day long.  (she's in pink on left)102_2016 102_2017

Hope everyone had a great start to their February!  I'm off to go put the finishing touches on Hailey's room. I painted it this weekend.  I'll post pictures of that once I'm all done and it's put back together.


Jenny said...

What a cool field trip!

Amber said...

Hailey's favorite place would so be my favorite place too! We didn't go to places like that when I was in school. Yum.

Tell her I'm so proud of her for reading to her class!

Noah has picked Star Wars for his birthday. It was originally "superheroes" with a focus on Spiderman. But his big request is a pinata.

Anonymous said...

I love the Japanese resturants. Kobe's and ShoGun are my favorite places here. Aunt Sue-Sue

Ben and Tabby said...

Be careful watching baby Jake...you might get baby fever!

That is such a cool field trip to go on! We love going to places like that. Not only is the food delicious, but if our child is noisy, no one notices. :)

Doris said...

I would never of thought of taking kids to a Japanese steak house. Looks like they had a ball.
I didn't know you were keeping a little one. Whats nice about that, you can love on him and then send him home! No getting up at night.

Amanda Mae said...

I'm right there with Hailey...I would eat Japanese every single day if it wasn't so expensive! Fried rice with shrimp sauce...my mouth is watering! :o)

Sarah said...

Best field trip ever! I hope Ralston's class goes there next year. You must be so proud of Hailey for reading to the class. That is wonderful.

Amber said...

You know I just realized that Zen place must be pretty good if it's still in business. That must be the longest running place in that building!

Dawn said...

I mean, reading in Pre-k? You have got yourself one smart cookie!

Gina said...

Wow! Hailey is reading very well. Julia did not get to go to Pre-K. They do not have it here in Utah. Kindergarten is only 1/2 day for public school. Fortunately, she is in private kindergarten and is going all day. I don't think she is as far along as Hailey is in reading. Great job!

Gina said...
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