May 17, 2008

I Would Die For That

I found this song on a blog of a woman who is trying to adopt and has lost three adoptions while in process. I'm not a huge country fan and usually listen to "kids songs" in the van so I'm not up on what's on the radio :-) But this song touched me. It is very appropriate since we just celebrated Mothers Day. It made me really appreciate how easy I was able to conceive my children and I will always keep those mothers in my prayers who are trying so hard to become what their heart already is.


Tabby said...

Oh my word, Stacia! That was so sad! It really makes you appreciate what you have, doesn't it? I will never again complain about having to change a diaper!

Dawn said...

Best wishes to my friends Andrea and Melissa that have been trying for a year.

I love you guys!

I'm luckier than I realize.