May 3, 2008

Interview with the Kids

Amber did this on her blog a couple of months ago and I thought it was really cute.

Hailey's Favorites (age 4)
  • Food: Pizza
  • Color: Pink
  • TV Show: Jasmine (Aladdin Movie)
  • Toy: Doll House
  • Friend: Sage
  • Superhero: Shrek (I guess he could be a superhero)
  • Dessert: Dessert Pizza
  • Song: Jesus Loves Me
  • Sport: Soccer Ball
  • Book: If You Give A Pig A Pancake
  • Vacation: Grandaddy-Great's house!
  • Drink: Apple Juice
  • Clothes: Princess Dress
  • Thing to do with Daddy: play with him
  • Thing to do with Mommy: share toys with her (we work on sharing A Lot)
  • Who will you marry: Dillon (he's my cousin's little boy! I guess it's legal??)

Jack's Favorites (age 2.5)

  • Food: Chicken & French Fries
  • Color: GREEN!
  • TV Show: Shrek
  • Toy: Cars
  • Friend: Ralston
  • Superhero: Spiderman (this needed a little explaining...first he said hamburger!)
  • Dessert: Ice Cream
  • Song: "No One" by Alicia Keys (He really does love this song...)
  • Sport: Soccer Ball
  • Book: Cars book
  • Vacation: Thomas train ride
  • Drink: Diet Coke!
  • Clothes: Thomas shirt (it's green too!)
  • Thing to do with Daddy: ride in daddy's car
  • Thing to do with Mommy: cook (I let him get up in the chair and only happens every once and a while...I guess he really likes it!)
  • Who will you marry: a girl


Vader's Mom said...

I see Jack's leaving his options for marriage WIDE open. Smart boy!

Dawn said...

I LOVE this! Your kids have so much personality.

I could probably do a few of those for Allyson even though she can't talk. Well, I mean, she doesn't say much anyway. :)

Tabby said...

That's so cute! You should print it out and put it in a scrapbook or something. It will be a really good memory for you to look back and remember what they were like at this age. That's kind of why I did that 9 month old post about Isabelle.

Jenny said...

Cute idea! I'll have to do this with Ian. Thanks for the comments on our house! I've had a lot of fun decorating! And no, I haven't seen the, don't think I could go there either :) Have a great Sunday!

Stacia said...

Just so everyone knows... Jenny and I were having a discussion about potty training our boys :-)

Aric and Amber said...

I love this, and yep, it's totally legal for 2nd cousins to get married. Although, I'd be perfectly happy for Hailey and Noah to get married. He likes strong women, how will she feel about being taller than her husband?

Sarah said...

Tabby is right. You should save that in a scrapbook for them someday. It really shows their personalities.

I love that Jack said his favorite superhero was hamburger!

Dawn said...

Tell Hailey the If You Give a Pig a Pancake is one of my favorites, too! I even have it on my shelf on Shelfari