May 13, 2008

Just go fly a Kite!

I've got a lot of catching up to do...Darren has been super busy this week with Field Sobriety training on his days off and then he had his LAST finals for his college classes. He is officially done with college :-) His actually graduation will be June 5th down in Valdosta. He got his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice!! I'm really proud of him and REALLY glad he is takes so much time but it is so worth it. that I'm done bragging about him :-) On with the kids...

Jack had water day at school last Tuesday. He was not too interested in getting wet. Sarah and I came to enjoy the fun and stayed busy trying not to get soaked by the other 2yr olds :-)

Mother's Day 2008

This was taken right after church.

This one however was taken at home after lunch and by then the kids were wack-o :-}
Check out my three Capt. Morgan's!! Papa, Jack and Hailey! Kids with Papa and Granma
Darren sent me flowers for Mother's Day. They are beautiful. Lots of pink lillys and roses and so many others. Hailey and Jack made me some really cute things in school but I haven't taken pictures yet. I'll have to do it this week and post them later. Hailey made me a bag with a butterfly on it made out of her hands! And Jack made me a Popsicle picture frame :-)

After we changed out of our church clothes we went to fly our kites because we were having lots of wind that day...and the next. There is a big field behind our house and the other neighborhood. (By the way, Middle GA had 11 tornadoes mother's day morning. Our county was not one of them but Macon had severe damage and it's only 20min. north. They were all around us and thankfully we only had a few branches down in our yard. You can see pics at this site)

Hailey had a blast running to get her kite up in the air

Daddy had to rescue Jack's from the big bush! But the next day he had to rescue it off the roof of the auto shop on the other side of the field! Jack let go of the handle and it took off flying :-} I so wish I had my camera that little baby was running just as fast of his daddy trying to catch his Buzz Lightyear kite!

I think Hailey is getting worn out. This is a good nap inducer :-)Monday night I took the kids to Monday Night for the Master at church. Our project was planting flowers for our shut-ins. Hailey put about three scoops of dirt in and then went to play on the playground! Thank goodness the older kids were there to get the job done!Hunter helping Nathan put fertilizer in his flower pot.Arianna made little heart name cards for each of them. We planted twelve pots. Arianna is also our new babysitter. She watched my two a few weeks ago and they loved her!! She was such a sweetie and they had a blast with her that night!I just had to post this pic too... I bought Pedro a new pillow bed and Darren didn't think he'd get on it :-) Well here he is and guess what...he's on it right now instead of the couch!! He loves it!


Sarah said...

Congrats to Darren. That is great. I love the kids wacko faces. So funny. We flew our kite on Sunday too. It was great weather for it.

Tabby said...

Congratulations to Darren for being a college graduate!! That's awesome!

I love your mother's day pictures.

Aric and Amber said...

Love the Mom's day pics. I really like the drawings on Hailey's arms.

Congrats to Darren on his degree! That's wonderful, hope it gives ya'll more together time!

Shannon said...

Beautiful Mother's Day pix (I mean you and Aunt Janet of course)- nice dress! I can't see Aunt Janet's hair up close! I tried to click on the photo and it wouldn't let me! Why did she cut her hair all off?? BUT I LIKE IT! =) love you!

Andrea said...

Congratulations Darren! Love all the pictures. Looks like you and your mom had a great Mother's Day.

Dawn said...

Congrats, Darren! That's great!

I'm glad you took some Mom's Day pictures. I loved the blue and brown dress!