May 4, 2008

Pumkins, Mice, and Princesses!

Daddy surprised us Thursday with tickets to the spring musical at one of the local high schools. They were preforming Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella.
We let Hailey decide what she wanted to wear...1st she said her Cinderella shirt...2nd bring pajamas because it's going to be long and I might get tired...finally she decided on wearing her princess dress!!
I even tried my best to do her hair like she had it done at Sweet & SassyJack was just ready to go! We filled their day with many errands, even a doctor's apt. because they thought 7pm would never arrive! And then when we left the house we said, "But first we have to grab a bite to eat!"
We made it! Warner Robins High! Home of Demon Football!
Can you tell we're just a tad excited!! At this point I think Jack was starting to worry about her :-)We had to wait about 25 min. for the show to start...(and then they started with a OneAct) But they both did pretty good, asked LOTS of questions, mingled with other people, and of course acted goofy!!
Mom, Hailey is really starting to freak me out...and I thought you said Cinderella was going to be here?!?
Skip through to the end of the show.......They loved it by the way...but no pictures during the performance!! It was great...very funny and magical for my kiddos! They loved when the pumpkin and mice turned into the carriage and horses!!

After show party!! Whoo-Hoo!!
Hailey met up with all the A-listers! She was the best dressed audience member, all ready for the ball herself. Here she is with one of the step-sisters (or did you think that was Cinderella?) She was hysterical!! Totally made the show in me and Darren's opinion!!
And here is Jack and Hailey with the Fairy Godmother....she had a wonderful voice and the kids loved the she could make smoke and "fire sparks" appear!!
And best of all (This will be on the cover of People next week!) Cinderella, Jack, Hailey and Prince Charming!! Right after the show Hailey walked right up to the Prince and he told her how pretty she looked and took her hand and led us to Cinderella. I think Hailey was in her own little heaven in that moment. She felt like she was so special and it was so sweet of them to stop visiting with all their buddies and take pictures with us!!

So, did great! We had an awesome night and I'm sure they will remember it for a very long time!!


Sarah said...

Way to go, Darren! You can tell Hailey was in Princess Heaven. It looks like you guys had a ball.

Tabby said...

How sweet! Looks like a little girls dream come true!

Dawn said...

That looks like a fun family night! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time. :D

Aric and Amber said...

She is getting so big! What a pretty little girl. I love Jack's face in some of those!

Doris said...

What a nice thing for Daddy to do.
Your pictures are great. I don't know who had the most fun, the kids or mommy and daddy.

Vader's Mom said...

That sounds like a wonderful time!! I need to go watch some of our local performances after this.

Hailey looks like she belongs in the cast!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it is what any dad would do.