June 17, 2008

100th Post!

It's my 100th post!!
I was going to do something 100-ish and try to write 100 things about me but that started taking way too long :-) We are super busy this week with VBS!! It's been so much fun and the kids are so worn out by the time we get home. I'm teaching the 3yr. olds with two other ladies. They are a handful (all 11 of them) but so very cute! Jack and Hailey are really enjoying their classes and right now are enjoying a movie with Daddy on the couch. We are waiting patiently for Amber, Sage, and Noah to get here!! They are coming to visit for the rest of the week and we are so excited to see them :-D Hailey is especially excited that she'll be able to sleep on the floor like a slumber party! I'll post some pictures later...just wanted to catch up on our fun week so far!


Tabby said...

Well happy 100th post! I haven't even been keeping track of mine... 11 3 year olds...sounds like fun! :D Have fun with your "slumber party"!

Dawn said...

Wow! 100 posts?! Congrats!

This week has been fun, but tiring. Getting up early and all the prep work in crafts. :/

It's been so much fun watching our kids having a ball. That makes it all worth it!

Jack & Allyson are in the same class! Weird, huh? She'll be a repeater in 2's next year, though. :D

Vader's Mom said...

Congrats on the 100th post!!

I hope you have a wonderful wrap up for VBS. Those 3 year olds sound like fun!!

Sarah said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!! I have enjoyed reading them all. I just love reading other folks business.

Ralston had a blast in Miss Stacia's class.