June 13, 2008

Tyler's Graduation!!

He did it!! My little brother graduated :-) We are so very proud of him and last night we all got together to watch him get his GED from Middle Georgia Technical College! He will turn 19 at the end of this month and would have only been in the 11th grade this year due to some setbacks in elementary school, so he decided at the end of school last year to not go back and just go for his general education diploma. He passed all subjects the first time he took the test except for the math portion...and he passed that the second time!! So he did awesome! So here's the pictures of our funfilled evening (well...two evenings!)
Wednesday night we took Tyler to Cheddar's for dinner with our parents, grandparents and his buddy Matt before church.

Hailey was super excited because she got to swim and see Grandaddy-Great and Grandma-Great all in one day!! Grandma-Great, Jack, and GrandmaDarren, Matt, and Tyler

Thursday we kind of had a little pizza party before we had to leave for the graduation. It started at 7pm, had to be there at 6, which meant we needed to leave around 5:30....so we ate early.Mom set this out for everyone to sign that hadn't already. This caricature was drawn by a guy at our church. He drew one for each of the graduates for the Senior dinner this year!

Hailey was getting some good Grandma-Great time in while we were waiting....Buzz Lightyear even made it to the party...Uncle Bubba must be pretty famous!Princess (my grandparent's dog) and Dudlee (my parent's dog) were hoping someone would drop a piece of pizza :-)The Dudlee just decided to revert to good ole begging (doesn't he look like a cat?!?)I guess Princess gave up and went to lay down...she's such a sweetie.Finally it was time to go!!! We drove out to Perry for the ceremony...The kids wanted to know if we were going to the fair...(that's where it is every October). Jack had missed Mr. Tom. They'd been gone a few days on a trip. Hailey really wanted to wear some of her hair clips but wanted to do them herself. I decided it wasn't something I wanted to battle...why not let her do her own hair every now and then?!?
Isn't it adorable?!? By the way...in the van, while she was working on this masterpiece she asked me to look...so I did and kind of started to laugh...she quickly informed me that it wasn't silly it was beautiful!! I'm terribly sorry, you're so very right! You should have seen some of the looks we were getting...but I could have cared less. She was happy so I was thrilled!We saw Bubba in the 'waiting' area when we walked in...

So then the fun began....we got to wait, and wait, and wait...so we decided to have a little fun with the camera!

This is Hailey's : Scary....Sad....Happy....

And here is Jack's : Scary...Sad...Happy...

So much fun!

Goofy Jack and Daddy!

Goofy Mommy and Hailey!

FINALLY!!! The graduates started to come into the arena! Yea!! There's Tyler!!

More boring stuff....So we did stickers! Now it's Uncle Bubba's turn! We jumped, we shouted, and Adam blew the air horn!! It was great!

Here's the crowd that came to cheer him on!!

Now the 'formal' pic's

Dad, Tyler, and MomGrandaddy, Tyler, and Grandma

Me, Tyler, Jack, Hailey, and Darren (since when did Tyler get so much taller than me...I think I was trying to stand on my tippy-toes in this one)

Jack, Adam, and Tyler....(Jack was being a crazy man!! He was so happy to be out of that auditorium!)
Everybody came back to my mom's for cake and icecream to celebrate! I'm so proud of you Tyler, we all knew you could do it!! I know you'll do great in whatever you decide to do in your future!


Tabby said...

Congratulations, Tyler!!

I love all the pictures! Especially all the silly face ones, and Hailey's hairdo was beautiful! :D

Dawn said...

Congrats, Tyler! Now on to bigger and better things!

Girl, you so brave going out in public wiht Hailey's hair like that! I have mounds of admiration for you!!! :D

Jenny said...

Love the hair style :) You're such a good mommy letting her wear it like that in public.

Vader's Mom said...

So many things to say - I hope I remember them all.

First of all, Congrats to your brother. My mom used to teach the GED classes and she always talked about how hard that test really was & how most HS grads would never pass.

Hailey's hair is beautiful! Just beautiful. And I'm so happy that you let her do it for herself. That makes the event even more special.

Oh - I forgot point three...

Andrea said...

Congratulations, Tyler! We are all so proud of him. Love all the silly pictures. And I absolutely love Hailey's hair...I'm going to let her do my hair one day.

Anonymous said...

Stacia, plesae pass on to Tyler that we are so very proud of him! Congratulations!!! I love all the pictures, and I can't believe you actually caught your brother smiling in one or two of them. LOL Only good things to come for him now.
Tell Hailey that I think she did a fabulous job on her own hair. :-)
Love to all, Aunt Sue-Sue

Sarah said...

Congratulations to Tyler!!! I know you guys are really proud of him. I love all the pictures. It looks like y'all had so much fun.