June 23, 2008

VBS Recap

Vacation Bible School was a hit this year! We had a week full of fun for the kids and it totally tired me out, but it was so worth it! Our theme was "Walking in SON light" so we went wild with beach and luau decorations. The kids loved it and we all had a great time getting it ready. This picture is of our craft room. The ladies in there did an awesome job putting it together and that hula girl was one of Mr. Mike C.'s masterpieces!!

I went for the Beach look in my room. I taught the 3yr. olds with the wonderful help of Ashley and Wendi!! Without them I couldn't have done it. We had 11 kids each day and 12 on Friday!! That was after we pawned 3 of them off to the 2yr. old class :-)

Can you see our plane? Mr. Mike drew that for us too! He is just awesome!! He whipped it up there in about 30 seconds!

VBS was from 9-Noon each day and first we would meet in the auditorium to sing. My dad was the songleader and did a great job! The kid's favorite was definitely all the versions of 'Lord's Army' that we learned!! BTW...my dad had a hawaiian shirt for each day...he loves them :-)

We would also get a brief Bible story told to us by 'The Wandering Prophet'. My kids thought he was pretty cool but some of the 2yr. olds looked a little concerned...but by the third day I think everyone was fine :-)

On Wed. we studied Queen Ester, so she came too! Jack thought she was soooo pretty! He kept looking at her :-)

Jack was my super big boy and went to the 2yr. old class. He did so good each day and sat on his row with Ms. Andrea even though I was right across the aisle with my class! He learned so many songs and his new favorite is 'The Wise Man'

Hailey did awesome this year!! I was so proud of her. She was in the 4yr. old class and for the most part sat on her row (some mornings she wasn't awake enough and sat with me!) But she had such a great time and loved making her crafts and learning her Bible lessons.

Here are some of my boys in my class.... I'm not posting a picture of all the kids because I don't know how their mommies would feel about that but I know these three the best!

They were the three amigos all week! Super cute and very good! We didn't have any major catastrophes and I didn't lose anybody :-) Now I can relax and take a breather. Volunteering for it is like having a baby...right after it's over you say 'never again' but after a while you forget the pain and you sign up for it again :-) So I guess I'll see you next year!! We're doing Bible Boot Camp! Sounds like fun!!
I'll post pictures of our visit with Amber, Sage, and Noah tomorrow...


Tabby said...

Looks like so much fun! And your room looks great! Wish i could have seen all the cool decorations in person!

Twin Mommy said...

Hey, I wish the girls could have attended your VBS. Ours was at night this year, they probably won't do that again because it was too late for little ones, we didn't go the whole week. Gene looks silly in his costume, I can see him scaring more kids with his fuzzy beard!

Dawn said...

Your room looked so good!! Hailey did such a good job in the craft room.

You can barely see Allyson next to the Hula Girl. :D

Allyson's favorite is Happy and Ya Know It. She does all the things now: Clap, Stomp, & say AMEN!

I know what you mean about volunteering for VBS. I'm already trying to decide if I will help with crafts or co-teach little ones. Either way, it wears you out! I just wish more people would pitch it. Why is it pretty much parents that do it all? Ugh...Frustrating!

Sorry, I shouldn't be venting on your blog!

Dawn said...

BTW, when I said pitch it, I meant pitch in. :D

Andrea said...

You did such a great job Stacia. I think I stole some of your ideas for decorating. It was so much fun but I am so worn out now. Jack was so good in class that sometimes I forgot he was there. Your kids look like they had a great time.

Sarah said...

Your room looked great and I know you did a great job because Ralston was exhausted everyday after VBS. Thanks for all your hard work.

Doris said...

Great job Stacia and all of the others who worked so hard making VBS a success at Warner Robins. I wish we had some little ones up here so we could have one.
I got a couple of pictures of the "kitchen help" that I am going to post on my blog. The decorations were really cute in the fellowship hall too.