August 8, 2008

Wrestling Match...Round 1

In the first corner we have Jack the 4-eyed Jokester

In the other corner, is Pedro the fastest tongue in the south

Round 1:

It looked like Pedro was going to overcome Jack with a torture of kisses, but in the end the Jokester prevailed with a headlock!!

These two guys love each other so much!

Here is a picture of Hailey with her teacher, Ms. McCallister. She has had a wonderful first week at school!! Wants to ride the bus...I told her when she is 10yrs old :-) She is going to the bathroom by herself!! Yea!! Just still wants help flushing (very loud in those bathrooms) Even tried the hand dryer this morning! Amazing!! She doesn't seem to mind being there all day and loves coming home to snuggle up and watch a movie and have a snack. She misses her brother and they play well together once she has a little 'down' time. I'm so proud of her!! We went to Jack's open house last night for his dayschool. He's going to be in the K-3 class with Ms. Shelia. She was Hailey's teacher last year and he was very happy to see her. Ralston is going to be in his class and we are ready to get started this Monday!! Hailey was happy to go back last night and see Ms. Shelia and tell her all about her BIG GIRL school :-)

Speaking of Ralston...

I watched Ralston and Riley last Wednesday while Sarah went to get her hair cut...I'm a little rusty at this babysitting thing I guess. This was the best I could do to keep them all under control...I mean 3 boys at the same time can get a little crazy!!

Little Riley is such a sweetie pie!! He loved seeing how many cars he could carry around at the same time.

Jack and Ralston (after I let him out of the cage) drove the Jeep for a little bit. They had lots of fun in the HOT HOT sun!!


Aric and Amber said...

I'm so glad that Hailey's first week went so well! Won't it be nice to have Jack in too?

Aric and Amber said...

p.s. the wrestling looks much better than it did back in June!

Tabby said...

Wow what are you going to do with NO KIDS??? You should take up Karate or something. :D

I'm glad Hailey's first week went well, and Jack and Pedro look like they're best buds!

Sarah said...

I have got to get one of those cages. Thanks for watching the boys. You are such a good friend. I love Jack's wrestling name. Pedro never had a chance.

Dawn said...

That teacher puts kids in a cage for time out!? That's awful!

Andrea said...

Cute post! I'm so glad that Hailey had a good first week at school.