August 15, 2008

Workin' @ the Car Wash! I can't even tell you how long it's been since my poor, neglected van has had a REAL wash and vacuum. We've run it through the ride along washes a couple times this summer but that's about it. I should have taken a before and after pic. I was afraid the dirt and grime was maybe holding some things together on it. The hubcaps were no longer silver...they were a nice shade of Georgia clay. And the inside...oh gag me! Between the dog hair, and the kids and the stuff that gets lost under the seats....nightmare! I told the guy at the vacuum if he wanted to charge me more that would be fine, I just wanted it done good. He told me they've seen so much worse so not to worry!! I took Jack with me. He doesn't have school on Fridays. He was a little nervous that we were going to have to stay in the van. I told him we get to go inside and watch. He liked that. We got to see about three cars go through before it was our turn. He loved the car getting covered in soapysuds!
Hey Mom! What is that noise.... I'm a little freaked out now... The water that rinses at the end is a little loud and it startled him. He kept his hands like this for the rest of the time we were there whenever a car was in the wash :-) He is definitely not my little daredevil. So sweet though.
Too Cute!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are expecting company tonight (My aunt & uncle with their kids) Then in the morning we are heading to Alabama for my cousin, Lacey's wedding!! She is getting married tomorrow night to Brandon!!
Lacey's sister, Shannon took this picture of them. I stole it off her blog :-)


Sarah said...

Cute post! That song is stuck in my head now. We badly need to take a trip to the car wash too. Hope you have a great time this weekend.

Dawn said...

I used to like to watch the cars get washed, too! Jack's so cute!

BTW, clean cars rock! I love it when my car is clean.

Tabby said...

Cute pictures of Jack at the carwash...have fun at the wedding!

Twin Mommy said...

You could feed and clothe a small family just on whats under our seats in my car. Sick I know. But hey, we're prepared if we're ever starving! :)

Andrea said...

Love the pics of Jack at the car wash. Hope you had a good time at the wedding. We missed you at church.