August 4, 2008

Baby Showers and Baby Steps...

Baby Shower:
Yesterday we had a baby shower for a friend at church. We keep telling her to start her own blog but she hasn't yet :-) Marisa is having her first girl, she already has two little boys and we are so excited for her and Sergio. We went all out with the pink and green!!
Here is the cake!! So cute!
The table decor was done by Dawn. It was so pretty! See the pink dip?? It's actually just ranch dressing for the veggies :-) Amanda came up with that idea!Beautiful fruit tray by Sarah!! It was so yummy!And here is the guest of honor! Marisa!! She was beaming while opening all the cute little girl stuff!! I don't know if it was her excitement or if she was just hot:-) Maybe a little of both!! She's due Sept. 15th and we can't wait! Big brothers Josh and Nathan are anticipating baby Kara's arrival too, I'm sure! We are praying for a great delivery and healthy baby girl! Here are the hostesses! LtoR: Andrea, Jan (my mom), Dawn, Marisa, Me, Amanda, Jeanette, Sarah....not pictured was Ms. Carol and Karen
Baby Steps:
Now on to our baby steps... Today was Hailey's first day of ALL DAY school!! We've been easing into this by going to half day/half week preschool for the past two years, but today was the big day!! She started real pre-K!! She was so excited and so ready. I was too :-)
First Day Picture!
Cheese! I'm in pre-K (she doesn't like to call it K-4 because she's almost 5)Jack joined in the fun too! His first day of K-3 isn't until next Monday, but he was so cute and packed his bookbag with his Buzz and Woddy and put his hat on!! Ready to go!We left about 8am and picked up Granma around the block and then made it through the 'first day' traffic jam. We had to park on the other side of the playground and walked through the field, but it wasn't too far. Thanks for Hailey's new bookbag Granma!! She loves it!!! And see Bunny's special pocket?? (on the leftside) We took a trip to see the bathroom...(that's a BIG issue with Hailey's PDD) She does not like public bathrooms and asks lots of questions about them. So we went to take a look. She heard a little fan and turned right around. She said she'd try again when the whole class went. I just said okay!! I've learned not to push it at all. She knows her limits and if you put her over the edge she will panic. I think the more she visits it the more comfortable she will get. She's in room 5, just like she'll be 5 she says!! She got to hang up her bookbag and put her lunch in her cubby! Oh my goodness. My baby has a cubby!! She put her blanket on the mats and then looked around. They kind of started the announcements early and we were still in the classroom. The principal does the pledge and Hailey was so excited because she knows how to do that!! She stood right up and said all the words!! Her teacher was so proud of her!
We gave our kisses and scooted out! She did great! So happy to be there and I felt good about leaving her! Jack was pitiful on the way home though...he said he wanted breakfast and I told him I would make him some...he said where's Hailey...I told him, school....he said...I want her to eat with me! :-) So sweet!! They were killing each other this morning while we were trying to get ready but now he wants her back!! Oh...sibling love, there's nothing like it!!
So I've already picked up the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, done two loads of laundry, played with Jack some, and posted on the blog!! AMAZING!! and it's only 11am!
I'll post later and tell you how her day was!!


Tabby said...

Yay for Hailey! She looked so cute for her first day of school! I can't wait to hear how it went!

Marisa looks soo cute with her pregnant belly! Tell her I wish I could have been there!

Twin Mommy said...

Wow, what a baby shower for Marisa, she might remember me. Hailey looks like she'll be comfortable with her new class. I'm sure Jack will miss her during the day but when she gets home he'll commence to fighting. Oh the love.

Aric and Amber said...

I am so glad that the first part of Hailey's first day of school went well! How awesome for you!

I can't believe they started so early!

Andrea said...

Hailey looks so cute with her little bookbag. And she looked so happy to go to school. You'll have to tell us how it went.

Love the pictures from Marisa's shower. I'll post mine later. I'm so happy she had such a great shower.

Sarah said...

It was a wonderful shower. Marissa really did have that glow. You did a great job organizing everything. I love the first day picture.