August 22, 2008

Pizza Day and Water Day!

I finally fixed Hailey's curtains this week :-) I found her a new curtain rod with little purple butterflies on it. She wants us to paint her room pink so maybe after Labor Day weekend we can get started on that project. Here's a closer look at the top of the curtains and the rod. I also hung up her little peg board to hang her bookbag on. It's been broken for a while...during one of her temper tantrums she managed to pop the hooks off the back. Hopefully it'll last longer this time :-)
Pizza Day
Jack's class had pizza day on Thursday. They got to make pizzas in honor of their letter of the week 'P' and their shape of the month 'circle'. Ralston liked his pizza and ate it...Jack however didn't....I guess only triangle shaped pizza will do for him!

Water Day

They had water day on Wednesday (busy week!). It was great weather to be outside and enjoy some fun water toys!! Don't you love my baby's little Buddha-belly?!? I think he was trying to make a motor boat noise or something...This was such a cool toy! It was like a little pond full of tunnels and islands to drive your boats around in. Jack really enjoyed this. He wasn't into splashing in the bigger pool and getting soaked. (Big Surprise!)Here's Ralston with his FAVORITE water gun ever!! Love the tongue...super concentration mode.Jack didn't want to get too much sun on the sweet little belly so he put his shirt back on and hit the swings.And tried his skills at the bubble table... Blowing as hard as he can!!
Here's Sammie!! She was in Jack's class last year too. So funny!This is Miranda...she was in his class last year, not this year. She always waves to him in the hall! Such a cutie...I don't think she wanted to get wet either!Snack time!! Ms. Amber gave everybody Popsicles to cool off! Ralston and Jack enjoying their treats!
More kids from Jack's class. There is 10 this year. Ralston and Caleb staking out their next victims :-) Caleb was in the boy's class last year too and all three have become great little buddies!!


Chad said...

Love the buddha belly. Tell him not to lose it. It will be a chick magnet for him one day.

Aric and Amber said...

Those curtains are really cute. I can't wait to see it all painted pink. It's going to look really great!

Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like it was a fun day at preschool...I would hate to get in Ralston's way when he's holding that water gun...he looks serious about it!

I love Hailey's curtains...did you make them?

Stacia said...

No I didn't make the curtains.. I wish I had a sewing machine and could make cool stuff. Maybe I'll get me a starter one for Christmas or something :-) Amber and Tabby could teach me!!

Allene said...

I love to check in to see the great pictures of your beautiful family. Have a great weekend!