August 1, 2008

Warner Robins AllStars Little League

Last year Warner Robins was the proud home of the 2007 Little League World Series Champs!! (In 2006 I believe Columbus, GA won it so GA is doing great!! )It was the only thing on tv, in our newspapers and the talk of the town. Everybody had shirts, hats or some kind or memorabilia to support the team (we had a FrostedFlakes box of cereal with them on the front!). We were so proud of them!! I found this video of the last hit in the last's was played over and over again and for more than one reason. We really were proud of the sportsmanship the boys displayed to the Japanese team after their win, instead of just relishing in their victory they took the time to encourage their apposing team.

Now we are right in the middle of playoffs for the 2008 season! And we're off again!! We just won state so now we have to try to win the Southeast title. This is a news clip that was taken today of the boy's send off. Hopefully they'll comeback with another World Series Championship!!

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Shannon said...

I will catch you up. He'll be at the wedding too, so you'll get to see him as well. =)