December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Hope everyone is still enjoying their Holiday!! I've finally got a minute to sit down and do my Christmas post :-) We haven't been extremely busy but I've been enjoying the time off.

This Christmas was SO MUCH FUN!  The kids are at such a fun age and are loving every minute of every thing! Hailey is so interested in all things Santa and Jack was always humming a Christmas song.  They love looking for lights on houses and giving money to the bell ringers :-) We hung everything we could on the Christmas tree...if it had a hook or string it could go up there!

Here are some pictures from last Sunday when they wore their Christmas outfits to church. Grandma and Papa picked them out and I thought they were very cute. Picture 037

You can tell Jack was NOT ready for his close up!  He was upset about the fact that we did not have any more green apples...only red ones.  He wanted a green one before church and could not get over it. After pictures he decided a red one would be fine. Poor guy! But he still looks cute to me.Picture 040

My two little munchkin's!Picture 041

On Christmas Eve I decided to make sugar cookies.  Santa needed something homemade...I'm sure he would have loved Oreo's but this was lots of fun.  I haven't let the kids decorate cookies like this yet so it was new to us. I remember loving to do this with my mom when I was little so I was hoping they would too.

Hailey had a blast. She helped me cut out the shapes, and stuck with the decorating (all four dozen) till the end!  Jack on the other hand...decorated about two and hit the quick I couldn't even get a picture of him! Picture 073

She loved giving everything eyes.Picture 075

Here are some of our masterpieces!  They were very yummy too!! p.s. Jack's are the green candycane and the green ornament with the candycane on it! He likes green!! Picture 076

After church that night we went by Grandma and Papa's house to spend some time.  They each got a special gift to open early.  Plus their new pajama's from me and Darren.

Grandma and Papa got Hailey a Princess ornament!Picture 081

And Jack got a Christmas Thomas the Train ornament!Picture 082

Plus they got these silly wiggly guys!!  They loved them :-)Picture 083 Picture 085

Then we ran home to feed the Santa's reindeer with our special reindeer food that we made at Hailey's school. They sprinkled it in the front yard and on the walkway.Picture 087

As you can see Hailey was very meticulous about how she placed each morsel, Jack on the other hand...just dumped the whole bag in one spot!! :-) 'Get 'er done!'Picture 088

Then we went inside and they picked out some cookies to put on Santa's plate.... and then we read 'The night before Christmas' and hit the bed! Santa was getting close...we checked online!Picture 095

Stay tuned...Christmas Day next post!


Doris said...

HarleytwoSuch good memories. I am glad you made the cookies. When your Mom was small, my Aunt Nina would help make the cookies and then let the kids decorate them. It sure helped me out.

Nancy said...

how cute :) Happy New Year!!

Jennifer said...

I wanted to do the cookies like that this year, but didn't have the patience. We left cookies for Santa too...the ones our neighbor gave us. Those are the ones that Ben specifically told me not to eat..they were for Santa.