December 24, 2008

The Presents Are All Wrapped... now I can blog!

Last Monday was our Church's annual nursing home Christmas party.  We 'adopt' all Picture 128the residents and bring them gifts.   We sing carols and make cookies and punch.  Our church has been doing this at the same nursing home for at least 30+ years. Probably closer to 40.  This year was one of our best turn out's (as far as our members go) that we've had in a long time.  It was wonderful seeing all the little kids there to sing and pass out the gifts to the residents.  Of course Santa made his debut and everyone was a little surprised this year!  It wasn't 'Papa Santa' it was ' Bubba Santa!!'  He did such a great job!!

Here is Jack going to hand out one of the gifts. Some of the people weren't able to come to the party room so you had to go to their room.  Darren helped him find his person.  He was such a big boy.

Picture 130Picture 131Here is Hailey waiting in line with the other kids to get her a gift to hand outPicture 132.  She was so excited about this!






Picture 136

Then everyone got to have some one on one time with 'Bubba Santa' and get their picture taken.  This was the evening when we heard both of them ask for things that they had never even mentioned before!!  Picture 140And ever since then they have stayed true to those requests!!  Why do they wait till the last minute?!?  Luckily Santa was able to pull through!!  Geesh! And He thought he was done!


Winter Wonderland

Last Tuesday night was Hailey's Winter Wonderland at her elementary school.  This is a totally FREE event that they have every year.  It was so much fun and the kids loved it!!  They had different activities set up all over the school for you to do through out the night.  We started out in the cafeteria decorating cookies and drinking hot chocolate. Picture 147


Here is Jack making his silly face with Grandma while they make their cookies.



Hailey had a great time making her cookie too.

Picture 145 

Picture 149 

Jack is STILL working on the icing for his cookie....come on...lets move on the the sprinkles!!



Picture 146


Hailey decided not to wait on Jack anymore and just go ahead and eat her cookie :-)



Finally Jack has joined us down at the sprinkle side of the table... Hailey is done with her cookie so now she is just eating sprinkles off the paper table covering :-) Jack is working on spoonfull #1 of sprinkles...Picture 151






Picture 153


Now...don't even ask how many spoonfulls this is!!  I just promise there is a cookie somewhere under there!!


So next we moved on to making paper chains to countdown to Christmas Eve.  This was also a big hit and was super easy for my kids to do.  Some of the other crafty activities were made for older kids.  Here Jack is telling Grandma to stop touching!!  He can do it!! And Hailey is showing off her completed chain...which as of today is done!!

Picture 155

Picture 156

Next was a stop to make some Candy Cane reindeer.  They are now sweetly hanging on our Christmas tree!  We stopped at a few more places to make an ornament or two... It was such a great night.....

Picture 158Picture 159

Picture 160

Last stop before heading to the van was a quick snapshot of the family...minus Daddy...he was at SWAT practice.  We missed him. Maybe next year he can come with us!!


Okay...well  I've gotten a little bit caught up but it is almost 2am and Hailey has a doctor's apt. in the morning!! I have to get to bed!! I'll post the rest later.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve!!

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Dawn said...

Glad you are all caught up now! I love Winter Wonderland! Oh, and the nursing home party! I hate we missed the singing.

Allyson has a Dr. appointment this morning, too. Her ear's hurting. What else?! :)

Vader's Mom said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy, busy!!!

I love what your school does - what a wonderful evening to have with family and enjoy the season.

I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful Christmas!! You have been a true blessing to me this year and if we ever make it make that way I'm looking you up!!! And if you are ever in North Texas - I hope you'll stop by :)