December 13, 2008

Christmas Parade!!

Last Saturday was our city's annual Christmas parade. The kids really started enjoying it last year and were so excited about going again.  We met Picture 058up with Larry and his boys since Ms. Sarah had to work that morning.  Grandma and Papa came too. Daddy had to work the parade so we sat really close to the intersection he was working the traffic at.


Riley, Jack, and Ralston Picture 059enjoyed their HUGE pixie sticks that were given to them by a local church that we were sitting next to.  They were also giving out hot chocolate and coffee :-) Perfect for the super cold weather we were having that morning.

Here is Hailey so happy that the parade FINALLY started!! Picture 060

We got there about an hour before so we could get our seats. She was so serious about everything while she was waiting. No food, no drink, just waiting for the parade...didn't want to miss a thing!

Picture 067

  Here are the funny cars that come every year! The kids loved them. They are from one of the local charity organizations.





This guy on the junkyard card is from the same charity. They are a staple in the W.R. Christmas parade! How nice... Picture 069

Here's  a nice float!  The Warner Robins Police Department!!  We could have ridden on it with the kids, but I Picture 073thought Hailey and Jack would have enjoyed the parade from this point of view better... and they did!!  The Chief and his family are on it along with some other families. Maybe in a couple of years when the kids aren't as excited to watch the parade we'll start riding in it to wave at everybody.

And a quick shout-out to my high school bandPicture 075. I played the flute in it for three years and am still proud of them!! My director has been there since the school opened (mid -90's) and he was in the parade... I hollered at him...don't know if he recognized me :-)

Guess Who's Coming?!?!?!  Picture 076 








It's SANTA!!!!!!Picture 077






Then the calvary came to clear the way for Holiday Traffic to get Picture 078back in action :-) It was a great day...well except till the Gators beat the Tide, but we're over that now.  Hope you all are enjoying all of the fun events of season!! 


I just opened my mail and didn't get a Christmas card, nope...I got my first ever Jury Summons!  Yea! Maybe I'll get out of it due to Darren's job :-)

Oh and one more thing...pray for Jack. He's been a little crabby and had some cold symptoms the past two days but tonight while I was putting him to bed he felt warm. I took his temp and it was 104!! I gave him the Tylenol and put the washcloth on his head...then after an hour I gave him some Motrin since it was so high. I kept him up with me and pretty soon it started breaking. By 10:30 he had a normal temp and I put him back to bed. I hope this isn't the flu....he's had a flu shot but you never know. Maybe it's just strep or a scary virus with a high fever. I just know I don't want it to ever get that high again!!


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Ben and Tabby said...

Poor little Jack-Jack! I hope he doesn't get too sick!

Looks like you had a good time at the parade! Wish we could've been there! Did you yell at the Wal-mart float this year??

Sarah said...

I'm so sad I missed all the fun at the parade. I got called for jury duty for December too, but I had to defer it because I didn't have a babysitter. You should do it though. I really enjoyed seeing the process when I had it a few years ago. I hope Jack is feeling better. We missed you guys this morning.