December 15, 2008

Deck The Halls, doors, tables, tree...whatever!

Just a quick look at our week before I show you my 'decked-out' halls.

Monday, the 8th was Hailey's actual birthday so I took some cupcakes to her classroom. She loved that and we even illegally lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday! She has really loved every minute of being 5! What is it about that number that makes them grow up all of a sudden?? FotoFlexer_Photo080

Tuesday night Grandma-Great & Grandaddy-Great pulled into town with their R.V. and car in tow. They camped down in Perry and would drive to our houses to visit each day.  My kids were counting down their 'sleeps' till the day the could see them!!

Here is Jack with Grandaddy-Great. They were enjoying their lunch and discussing important issues, like the status of the Jeep and how Rufus is doing these days...FotoFlexer_Photo081

Of course, everyone remembers getting sweet little surprises when your Grandparents would visit.  Well even though Christmas is right around the corner, they still came baring gifts :-)Picture 084

Here Grandma-Great (or Mamma-Great as Hailey sometimes says) is helping her with her new set of cupcake lip glosses. FotoFlexer_Photo085

They also brought their new addition to their family.  Daisy is the sweetest little puppy!! The kids couldn't get enough of her and Pedro and Dudlee even became fast friends with her. She was much too fast for my picture taking so I was only able to snap this while she took a breather at the water bowl. FotoFlexer_Photo083

Jack quickly had Grandaddy-Great open his new set of cars. Don't you love a grandparent that will get down on the floor and play?!?FotoFlexer_Photo090FotoFlexer_Photo088 

I wish I had taken more pictures while they were here but when you get visiting you kind of forget about the camera. We enjoyed our time and hope they can escape some of North GA's cold and have a warmer Christmas in Florida.Picture 095

Moving on to my decked halls....

Here is this year's tree! We are sadly not growing our own like my resourceful friend Sarah. I had to do some light work on it and there is yet another section out, thankfully it is in the back and hidden. I think the tree is blowing fuses. When stuff like this happens I have the 'just throw it away' moments. Then I remember to breath and go eat another Christmas cookie :-)

Picture 102

I'm still lovin' my cloche. I decided the skeleton head wouldn't work for Christmas so I put in some ornaments and wa-lla!! Picture 103

My friend Tabby tagged me to share some of my favorite ornaments.  I loved seeing her's and hearing why they are special to her family.

I'm a Hallmark Ornament addict, but when taking these pictures I realized the REALLY special ones aren't all the series ones...they are just cute.  And my kids of course like the ones that 'do' stuff but these are the ones that mean more to me.

Picture 105I hung this one from a wreath on our living room mirror. It says New Home 2008.... This is our 1st Christmas in our new house and it is so exciting.  We actually have a chimney for Santa to come down now!

Here are some more 'FIRST'S'

We adopted Pedro last year and found this ornament that Christmas. It says New Home 2007 and the dog has a key in his mouth. I thought it was perfect for him.   The silver snowman spoon is Hailey's First Christmas ornament. It has 2003 engraved on it.

Picture 106 Picture 113

This is Jack's First Christmas ornament. 2005Picture 107

This is one I had made once we became a family of 4. All of our names are on the hearts the the snowmen are holding.

Picture 108

On the left is me and Darren's 1st Christmas together 2001.  It says Love is the most precious gift of all.  The one on the right is my 1st Christmas ornament...and guess what?? It's from Hallmark! Picture 110 Picture 111

Once Jack was born I realized that we all had 1st Christmas Picture 112ornaments except for Darren.  So I had the same lady that made our snowmen family one make this for him.  It's a blue piggy bank with his name and birth year on it... 


While living in Cheyenne, Wyoming the first two years of marriage we visited Colorado a few times.  We went to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. I got these as mementos.

Picture 114 Picture 116

Picture 115I can't wait till my tree is FILLED with things like this.  I have two of these little reindeer. One from Hailey's K-2 year and one from Jack's.  They are just so sweet!

And this one is just funny... It's my little policeman s'more! Picture 117

It's getting late so I'll just show you what my Grandma gave me to put on my table.  She made me and my mom these center pieces! They are beautiful. It went perfect with what I already had on the dinning room table. My mom put her's on her mantle. Picture 118

Here is a closer shot of it... I love the berries and I'm so surprised that my kids have not tried to eat them yet!! :-)Picture 119

I love my plates... I got them at Target a few years back.  They still make them but each year they are a little different. This year and last year they put a big ornament or tree right in the center.  I like mine plane and simple.  I hope this style comes back around so I can add to it.

Picture 120 

So that's it for now... I need to hit the bed. Jack's fever was much better today but he still had a low one before bed tonight.  I'll be keeping him home from preschool tomorrow.  Thanks for checking on us. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow though... we have our annual Nursing Home party that the church sponsors and Papa always is Santa...we HAVE to go to that!!


Ben and Tabby said...

I love that first picture of Hailey. Your christmas tree looks BEAUTIFUL, and I loved seeing and hearing about all your ornaments!

Glad you had a good visit with grandparents!

Jenny said...

Love all of your Christmas decorations!

Amber said...

I love the picture of your grandfather and Jack, and of the one of them on the floor. I can see why your mom is such a sweet grandmother!

Your house looks so pretty. I'm so impressed that you decorate your dining room table. I have Christmast dishes very similar to yours...sadly, I've never used them. But I am this year!!!!

Jennifer said...

Everything in your house is beautiful! Ornaments are a big deal to me too! They are a great, inexpensive way to make great memories!! Where are all of your Bama ones??

Andrea said...

That's so great that you all got to spend some time with your grandparents. I missed you at church Sunday. I hope Jack is feeling better now. I will see you on Friday at your mom's party...I can't wait.

Dawn said...

Your house looks a Christmas ideas magazine! Inspiring!! Loved the little trip down memory lane with your ornaments.

Amanda Mae said...

I love seeing all of your decorations...and the ornaments, love it! Everything is so pretty :o)

Sarah said...

You are so lucky to have such sweet grandparents and that they are still able to get down and play with the kids. I love the picture of Hailey with Daisy. Your Christmas tree is beautiful.