December 26, 2008

Gingerbread houses...take 2!


Before I load my Christmas pictures I'm determined to catch up with last week!  I just don't want to leave out this stuff... (this is like our family journal!)

Jack had Gingerbread House making at his preschool on Tuesday of last week. We helped them stick their graham crackers to their milk cartons with icing to get started.... They were going to decorate the next day......

Well... the ants had another idea!! They had a feast that night and probably went into sugar shock!  So on Wednesday we had to start from scratch.  Take 2!!  Since we didn't have time for the icing to dry...we came up with a great plan!  Hot glued the crackers to the carton, then they decorated to their heart's content :-) Picture 162

Jack love licking the icing off his candy, eating some candy....I had to remind him to put them on the house :-)Picture 163

They all turned out so cute but we made sure to send them home that day....No supper for the ants that night!!  We just kindly told all the parents that these houses weren't completely edible :-)Picture 164

Thursday was FULL of preschool fun!!  We started the day with Snacks with Santa at Jack's school.  They had a little program that included dance and tumbling this year. It was so cute. This video is of Jack doing his summersault. (He's the one in the red vest)

After that they did a little singing! Jack didn't do too much... I guess he was intimidated by the crowd.  He usually sings all day long. They used little jingle bells for their accompaniment. Picture 002 Picture 003

Here's a clip from Jingle Bells... he does real good ringing the bell :-)

After the program the kids got to make different crafts.  He picked this one first.  I have NO idea why?!?  Could it be the GREEN icing with candy?!?

Picture 005

Don't you love my tree...the ornaments taste fabulous!! Picture 006 

Then Santa and Mrs. Claus came in to read us a story and give everyone a really sweet book about a baby polar bear.  Picture 010

Then we rushed off to Hailey's school to have Christmas Lunch with her!  Let me tell you just how good this food was!!  I was thinking like school lunch, but no... it was amazing! My mom and Darren joined us but I was so busy eating I totally forgot to take pictures.  We took Hailey out of school early and had a fun afternoon.  We made these popsicle stick Christmas trees and decorated them with all kids of sparkly things!! Picture 011 Picture 012

Saturday was a Princess birthday party for Hailey's friend Holly!  She turned 4 and it was so much fun!!  Hailey was all decked out and we even stopped at Target before the party to get some last minute the gift!  She kept saying, Mom they think I'm a REAL princess!!

The party was awesome!!  First they did a little karaoke on a stage that was built right into the living room (just for the isn't always there!) 

Picture 014

Then they all sat down for a tea party.  Teddy grahams and sweet tea!! Holly got to serve it herself, she did great! They all went around and talked about their day and what all they had done.Picture 019 Picture 017 

After lunch and cake they played some games....

Place the crown on Dora's head (there were other stuffed animals and they would mix them up) It was a really cute idea over pin the tail on the whatever.Picture 027

Next was a snowman piñata!!   He was very sturdy and eventually had to just be torn open!Picture 031

Snowman loot was individually bagged and labeled with each girls name....remember this was a princess rough-housing or squabbling for candy allowed!!

Picture 033

Okay... I'm almost done... just one more night of fun then this post is over :-)

Monday night was a party hosted by one of the kid's in Hailey's preschool class. It was at her house and all the class was invited to come and see a REAL Santa and exchange gifts.  We all brought goodies and had a really good time.  Even Hailey's teacher came!! Me and her sat in the corner and ate chips and dip :-)

Here are my kiddos with Santa!  Hailey truly believes this was the real deal!! Later that night my dad told her she better be good because Santa is watching...she said, No he's not...he just left the party and is in a car right now...he's not at the North Pole yet! Picture 046

Santa gave out all his presents.Picture 050

Jack got an awesome Superman Monster Truck!!Picture 053

And Hailey got a sweet baby doll and pony set!!Picture 052

After the party I took the kids down a street that we found last year and loved their lights.  Almost every house puts up lights and I mean a lot of lights. I tried my best to take some pictures but it's hard to drive and shoot at the same time :-)Picture 055 Picture 056

Before heading home we stopped and 'Aunti' Joyce's and 'Uncle' Tom's house to give them our homemade cocoa.  They live next door to Grandma and Papa and go to church with us.  They are basically like another set of grandparents to the kids... and pretty much all the kids at church feel that way about them :-)Picture 064

Hailey and Jack had fun looking at all their Christmas decorations.  I of course was a wreck because they wanted to touch everything and at the same time Tom is telling us how that tree is over 40yrs. old and his step-mom made it... okay kids...time to go.  :-)  We don't want to be the ones to break anything! Who us?!?! Never!! Picture 068

Next post will be all about our Christmas!  And hopefully not as long :-) Hope you are all enjoying your Holiday weekend!!

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Dawn said...

Wow! You had a super busy week before Christmas. I hope you have a little time to relax now that all the rushing is over. I love reading your family journal. :D

Ben and Tabby said...

Wow, you guys have been some party animals!! All those parties look like so much fun! I bet the kids are partied out! Hailey looks so pretty in her princess outfit, and Jack did great on his tumbling and jingle-bell ringing. :)