December 12, 2008

Hailey's 5th Birthday

This year I decided to down-play Hailey's 'party.' She gets overwhelmed really easy and at parties she tends to have meltdowns. Her party last year she pretty much cried the whole time and she even had some issues at her brother's party this past Sept. I'm sure it's just the over stimulization and over excitement. So this year we just had three couples come over to have cake and ice cream and it was perfect!! She did awesome!! This is how we will have to do her parties... "low-impact!"

Here she is posing with her cake. She's 5 by the case she hasn't told you already!! She told a lady at school she was a whole handful now! :-) I spent the day making her cake. It was the first one I decorated with my new Pampered Chef piping tool.
We gave out light up spinners as favors...the boys loved them!!
Blowing out her one, two, three, four, FIVE candles!!!
And pardon the fact that the cake colors do not match the party theme... I knew she'd love a pink cake, so there!
Here's Ralston
Mike, Larry, and Dawn
I also made cupcakes in case there wasn't enough... The kids ended up liking them better anyway.

Jack-Jack enjoying his cupcake.
Hailey did eat some cake and ice cream, for about 10 seconds and then wanted to move on to something presents :-)
Lil' Riley, trying to use his spinner to eat with!
Allyson sitting with Auntie 'Shaun.
After cake it was FINALLY time to open presents...
She got so excited about everything she opened!! She got a Jasmine doll (she's her favorite princess), some books, and a reindeer from Ralston and Riley. She got this 'A Very Marley Christmas' book from Grandma & Grandaddy-Great. It is really cute. She got a Nerf 'shooter' from Cody!! This was a much wanted gift. She played with his at Thanksgiving and has been wanting one ever since. We have little yellow darts everywhere now!
Allyson brought her a princess snow globe that plays music. She loves it. It even lights up so she keeps it right next to her bed so she can see it at night. She also gave her some princess stickers and she has loved decorating with them!

Here she is slapping her forehead because Jack gave her a singing card (Shrek). He also gave her some soup! and a cool Hello Kitty Thermos so she can eat soup at school. :-)
Mommy and Daddy gave her the Crayola Light up paint Color Wonder set. The paint brush lights up whatever color you are painting and it's that wonderful stuff that only works on the special paper. Again...slapping forehead..."Oh my gosh"
Jack LOVES the Shrek card...he really thinks it's his...I mean, come on...he picked it out!?!

Jack wanted to show Allyson our Santa that tells you the story of the Night Before Christmas. He is really cool. Can you tell I never cleaned Jack's mouth after his cupcake? :-) I got to it eventually...
Hey Dawn...Allyson is looking in this picture!
Later that night my brother, Tyler came over with his 24hr dog... long story, well not really. He decided without asking to adopt this 6month old lab/great pyrenees male from PetSmart. Mind you he still lives at home. Needless to say my dad was not having it. The dog already weighed 66lbs (HUGE) and I think it was more the fact that Tyler won't be able to afford the upkeep of it. He was precious, sweet, but the next morning he went back. We did find out that the very next day he was adopted again. That was a relief!
More to come soon... but I need to go wrap some presents!

My Grandma sent me this cartoon of the snowmen...I wanted to share it.

And I found this one myself... thought it was funny too...

Merry Christmas


Dawn said...

I did not even notice that the cake didn't match! I seriously thought the theme was Merry Christmas, Birthday Princess! Yes, she's looking in the picture, but she looks angry! It was a great party and I love the cartoons!

Ben and Tabby said...

Looks like Hailey had a great birthday! You did an awesome job on that cake! I'm impressed!

Those cartoons crack me up. I just love cheesey Christmas cartoons.

Ben and Tabby said...

Sidebar: I just checked out your "countdown to Christmas", and I can't believe it's only 12 days away! EEK! I have a lot to do! Why am I on the computer??

Jenny said...

So glad that she had a good birthday! What day is her birthday actually on? Ian will be 5 on the 16th of December. We had his party today and it was CRAZY!!!!!

Stacia said...

Hailey's birthday was back on the 8th and I so understand the Craziness of Dec. birthdays!! Darren's is next on the 18th :-)

Amber said...

Her cake looked great! I love pampered chef stuff.

Sarah said...

It was a great little party (well except for the part where I got shot in the head). I will never forget how excited Hailey was about almost all of her presents. Your cake tasted as good as it looked.