January 21, 2008

Catching Up...

So I never did a posting about Hailey's trip to Sweet & Sassy.... She went last month for one of her preschool friend's birthday party. It was so much FUN!
First she got to pick out her princess name and dress and then they started on her hair.Then it was off to makeup and nails...she got tons of glitter on her eyes and pink nails :-) This was the final result! She had the prettiest hair-do! That was my favorite part. They danced and did a fashion show on the runway and all around the store! It was such a fun morning for girls! She'll remember it for a long time!
So this week the kids were actually playing together NICELY so I had to run get the camera and get evidence of it :-) Hailey took all her pillows and blankets off her bed and made a sleep-over party! Then they read a ton of books. They did this for a really long time and were so good while I got busy packing up closet stuff and things we can live without these next few weeks.
They even hugged for me!! This is also a good before shot of Jack's hair. It had gotten quite long and it was so time for a hair cut.
This is the new do!! It is really short like Daddy's but can spike on top! We can spike all of it or just the bangs...just depends on our mood. :-)

This was definatly an all spike day!

Everybody at church thought I was holding someone else's child!! They didn't recognize him at first :-) It was funny. Ralston said he looks like Mr. Darren and Darren of course loves that! Jack now has to have his hair done every morning though so this is kind of new territory... we got him some blue gel like Daddy and he asks me if his hair will be blue every time I put some on it!!

So last but not least....we had a showing yesterday but no news yet....that's usually not good when you don't hear something quick... but we are moving along steady with our purchase of the new house. Everything is good to go. We did our home inspection this week and got all the little paperwork stuff done with the mortgage office. So we are currently set to close on Feb. 15th!! The kids are as excited as we are. They have been helping me pack. I keep telling them we can't pack everything because it's too soon :-) I painted Jack's room this week too. It's no longer blue with car border now it is a sandy color that is more appealing to more buyers. I think the next project will be to get the frogs down in the kids bathroom :-) (The lady who had this house before us LOVED border. I promise to never put up border at this new house!!)


Dawn said...

Hailey looked beautiful after her make-over. And, I've already told you that I love Jack's haircut.

I hope you guys are able to sell your house soon!

Tabby said...

Hey! Hailey does look beautiful all dolled up, and Jack looks like such a little man with that new 'do. The caravan went well. Janice said all the agents really liked the house, and we have our fliers out now. So keep your fingers crossed...and I'll keep mine crossed for you too. :)

Aunt Sue-Sue said...

Oh Stacia, Jack looks so grown up with his new hair cut. Reminds me of the time when Raymond used to spike his hair.

Hailey was just beautiful in her Sweet and Sassy princess dress and hair do.

Aric and Amber said...

Just when you think Jack can't get any cuter....

Isn't Sweet & Sassy great? I wish that there was on out here. Sage went that one time and loved it. But she didn't get to dress up too. That's such a great idea, whoever came up with that one.