March 25, 2008

Easter Day Pictures

My mom made this centerpiece for me. Isn't it pretty?!?
Easter morning was fun. Daddy was working so the kids had fun telling him all about it after we got back from church.
Hailey got a new Bible from the Easter bunny and Jack got a cool bubble blower!
We did a quick photo shoot in the back yard before Sunday school! Talk about Mommy stressing out!! Between only having like 5 minutes to spare, the dog wanting to jump on us, and my heels sinking in the grass it was so much fun!!!
They were very cooperative though....I was very pleased. I even convinced Hailey to touch her brother :-)
Hey mom, what's the dog doing?!?


Andrea said...

I need to get your mom to make me a centerpiece. Your kids looked so cute in their Easter outfits. I love your new house especially the backyard. Nirav came home on Saturday and started talking about doing our backyard.

Sarah said...

Your mom did a great job on the centerpiece and the kids look so sweet in their easter outfits. Now I'm curious. What was that dog doing?

Stacia said...

Oh...ya know...probably rolling in the dead grass getting it all over him! The kids were so inticed to join in :-)

Dawn said...

Your kids looked great! Sunday mornings are always stressful! Mike and I always have our biggest fights then. :D

jennwa said...

I love the center piece. So Cute.

Great pics.

Vader's Mom said...

I love the centerpiece and the kids are the cutest!!