March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pedro!

Well I had a craving for birthday cake while I was at the grocery store, in the bakery department, I remembered that Pedro's birthday is "guesstimated" for March 9th! Close Enough!! So I bought a little cake and home I came to have a little party :-) The kids thought it was so cool and wanted to know where the party hats and presents were....yeah...I didn't go that far. After dinner we had our little celebration!

He just knew something special was going on for him :-)

We let him get a good whiff of the cake and look at those eyes!!

So then he had to get a little taste :-D (We ate from the other side!) Then Jack and Hailey blew out his candles.

He is such a big baby. Always wants to be in your lap and you holding him...I think he thinks he's a toy poodle or something... But he's a sweetie and I'm so glad we adopted him :-)


Aric and Amber said...

So, you were craving birthday cake????? Hmmm, sounds a little familiar.

That cracks me up, your kids have a super cool mom!

Dawn said...

Yay, Pedro!

I can tell you're settling right into that new house! :D

Tabby said...

How cute! Happy Birthday Pedro!

Andrea said...

That's so cool...having a doggie birthday party. I'll bet the kids loved it. I'll have to throw my new doggie a party on his birthday.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Pedro! You are one lucky dog.