March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

My dad's birthday was Monday...but with all the Easter hoop-la I'm just now getting to this post. I went through some old pictures last night and wanted to share these.

This is "little Steve" playing with a neighborhood friend. I think he's a cowboy/fireman!I know this is sometime in Elementary school...My dad is the youngest of three girls. The oldest is like 20yrs older than him and the youngest is about 8yrs older....he was definitely the baby of the family....they call him "baby Hewie"Here is his Senior picture. He graduated high school in 1974. He got his blond hair from working in the Orlando sun at a local car wash. Here's my mom and dad...And this is probably one of my dad's favorite pictures. He keeps it in his Bible. It's got his favorite girl and favorite car. He had to get rid of this GTO when he got stationed to Turkey. Early AirForce days....This was before he became an OSI agent. He served 20yrs and retired in 1996. He loved being an agent. Teaching me how to sing...I was telling him I wanted him to lead Paradise Valley :-) My dad is a very talented song leader and does a great job singing at church. This was in the Philippines (1991)
I could say a ton of things about how great my dad is but I'll just list the top 5!
5. He's very calm and doesn't over react. You can tell him anything without fear that he'll freak out. And when times are hectic he's always the best to have around especially during emergencies!
4.He's very tender hearted. He crys when I give him cards and during sweet commercials or movies. I love that he's not afraid to show his emotions.
3. He's a great husband and father. He has been a wonderful example of what a man should be and given me and my brother a stable home life. My husband grew up without a dad so he looks up to my dad too for guidance and direction on being a husband and father.
2. He's very through. When reading directions he reads them over and over and in every language before starting a project or going on a trip :-) {just kidding} But he is very through!
1. He's a wonderful Christian example. I was blessed to grow up in a home where we went to church every Sunday and Wednesday and lived a Christian life everyday in between. He continues to show me even today how to grow and love the Lord and be thankful for all our blessings. And I'm definitely thankful for him!!
And this is what he does now....plays with my he's the best dad and papa!! This was his birthday last year, we went out for Chinese this year (but I didn't take my camera!)

Happy Birthday Dad and Papa!!
Darren, Sissy, Hailey and Jack


Tabby said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday Papa Steve!

Dawn said...

Wow! Great post! I love all the old pictures.

We really like Mr. Steve. Allyson likes to borrow him as a local "papa". She says to tell Hailey and Jack thanks for sharing.

We hope Mr. Steve had a great birthday!

P.S. I think Allyson has a little crush on Jack. :D He's the first friend that she's learned to say a name for!

Andrea said...

I love all the pictures of your mom and dad. I especially love the two school pictures of your dad. He's such a great husband, dad, and grandad. I hope he had a great birthday.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY REALLY ENJOYED THIS.........I got a cup of coffee and started my day out looking at this......thanks.... Guess I need to get to work now it's 8:15....been here since 7:00AM and HAVE NOT started work yet......

Love Aunt Jane....(Sister #3)

Anonymous said...

I loved this!!! It made me cry. You said some wonderfull things about your dad, from the heart, it made me cry. OK NOW.....AND the Easter stuff was great. The kids looked beautiful. I loved Hailey's dress and Jack looks more like little Raymond everyday. (especially with the hair cut). I especially noticed the time you did your blog....only free time you have huh???

Hug & kisses
Aunt #2

Anonymous said...

Great blog!!! Give the birthday boy a big hug and kiss from me. And, hey – guess who got the favorite car when your mo and dad went to Turkey ???? That’s right - - Aunt Bobo!!!

Sarah said...

What a great post. It made me cry too. So sweet. You can really tell how much you love your Daddy. He's a great guy.

Vader's Mom said...

So sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY papa Steve!!

Aric and Amber said...

Your dad is the BEST song leader in the world. I miss not having him leading!

Tabby said...

I miss you too! I think me and Isabelle will start going to McDonalds on Tuesdays. We'll just pretend like you guys are there. :D

The closing got moved up and we actually closed on the house down there yesterday! I guess I forgot to mention that in my post. :P So we do not have a mortgage payment at all next month! yay! but I'm sure we will find something to spend the money on in the house. You know how that goes. :P