March 7, 2008

I Think We're Getting Better

There's nothing better than getting your hair done when you've been cooped up in the house taking care of sick boys...but wait...that's not me...that's Hailey getting the royal treatment! Hailey had an apt today to get her hair cut by Ms. Melissa. She did so good. It wasn't her first time, but it's been a while. She loved every minute of it. I asked her what was her favorite part and she said, "All the parts!"I managed to get a shot of her in the process but not one of the final look because as you'll see below....Jack-Jack is feeling better! He started getting bored and I had to keep him entertained :-) Maybe tomorrow I can get a picture of her...(it really doesn't look too different)
Here he little man. Today he ran absolutely no fever and had no medicine (just Tamiflu) Yeah!! Now we just have little coughs (Hailey and Jack) to get over. Now Grandma on the other hand has Bronchitis :-( Her doctor told her to stay away from us for 4 whole days!!! She said that was going to be torture!
Here is my new breakfast table...I got it about a week ago but never put a picture up. We're going to have to move the light over. I keep hitting my head on it :-)
Well the countdown has begun...I'd like to ask for prayers for my friend Katie. She's due this month with her second baby (around the 23rd). It's going to be a girl, Kelsey. If everybody could just add her to their prayer list. She lives in AL where her husband is a preacher at a local church of Christ. I'll be sure post a picture when I get one (I already asked her if I could)


Sarah said...

I'm glad the boys are feeling better. Your new table looks great. Keep us updated about Katie.

Shannon said...

Hey. Where does Katie & her husband live? What church does he preach at? Just curious. Glad the boys are feeling better. Hopefully Aunt LuLu will be on the road to recovery soon too.

Tabby said...

haha, Hailey just looks so relaxed in that first picture...Melissa does do a mean shampoo job, doesn't she? Glad the boys are better, and I love your new table! Miss you bunches!

Aric and Amber said...

Hailey looks like she is in spa heaven! That's awesome. I love your new table--it's beautiful and looks good w/ the room color.

Dawn said...

Melissa is THE BEST at washing hair! I was so jealous when I saw Hailey's picture! :D

And, I love love love your table. I think you need to host a game night soon! That way we can all check out how you've fixed up your new house!

Andrea said...

I love your new table. It looks like you are all settled in your new house now. Hailey looks like she had a great time. It makes me want to get my hair done now.

It's All Good! said...

Hi, your table is so pretty in its little nook. Thanks for inviting me to your blog party! Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

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